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Town Council 2019 Strategic Goal Dashboard

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2019 Strategic Goals
Lowcountry Celebration Park / Coligny Area Redevelopment

Manage Contractors to Facilitate On Time and On Budget Completion

Proposed Action:  Roadwork Component
  • Anticipated Completion October 2019
11/20/2019 - All work has been substantially completed, including repairs to the rippled asphalt sections of Pope Avenue.
10/28/2019 - New traffic signal heads and borings being completed with activations scheduled for the first week in November. Final pavement markings to be completed by the first week of November, outstanding punch list items being addressed and project closed out in November. Contractor has refused to bear all costs and correct deficient pavement sections on Pope Avenue and has been given a deadline of 11/5/2019, to avoid further action by the Town. Contractor has stated they will repair deficiencies by November 22nd.
9/27/2019 - Nassau Street 100% complete, final landscaping is being installed (after being deferred to fall due to excessive heat in May), new traffic signal at Pope and Lagoon to be installed 9/30 - 10/11, decorative stamped x-walks and permanent pavement markings shall be done the week of 10/7/2019. Still need to resolve disputed pavement deficiencies (ripples) and have those segments re-paved.
8/27/2019 - Concrete curb and valley gutter completed on Nassau Street. Paving completed on Nassau Street from Tanglewood Drive to Deallyon Ave. All paving to be completed on Nassau Street by August 30, 2019. After a moratorium on summertime work along Pope Avenue, the traffic signal installation at Pope Avenue and Lagoon Road, project landscaping, and final pavement markings shall commence the week of September 3, 2019. Construction of pathways on South Forest Beach Drive and Tanglewood Drive will be deferred to the Fall/Winter 2019/2020.
7/22/2019 - New water and sewer infrastructure servicing the new Park is now complete. Grading and reconstruction of the road base on Nassau Street has started and will continue through the next two weeks. Concrete curb work continues on Nassau Street. This road is expected to be paved by August.
6/25/2019 - Pathway work on South Forest Beach Drive and Tanglewood Drive and the new signal installation at Pope Lagoon intersection have been deferred until the Fall 2019. Paving of entrance to beach parking lot and Lagoon Road for the Pope Lagoon intersection completed. Stormwater infrastructure installation has been completed on Nassau Street. Water and sewer line infrastructure for the new Park is being constructed on Nassau Street. Grading for paving on Nassau Street from Tanglewood to Deallyon Avenue to start next week.
5/22/2019 - Pope Avenue resurfaced, but certain areas of unsuitable ridability will have to be remedied (working with SCDOT on limits). New signal to be installed at Pope Lagoon next week. Nassau reconstruction and on-street parking is behind schedule, expected to be completed by the end of July. Work has not begun on pathways (South Forest Beach and Tanglewood), and may be deferred until fall.
4/24/2019 - Pope Ave Resurfacing patching and crack seal completed. Paving of Pope Avenue from 4/29 through 5/15. Mast Arm foundations for the new signal at Pope Ave / Lagoon Road completed, new signals to be installed by 5/24. Storm drainage infrastructure and water line relocations complete on Pope Avenue. Storm Drainage work continues on Nassau Street (completed by late May).
3/28/2019 - Mast Arm foundations for the new signal at Pope Ave / Lagoon Road Completed. Pope Ave Resurfacing patching completed. Storm drainage infrastructure and water line installations and relocations for the new Park entrance at Pope Avenue completed. Storm Drainage and waterline materials for project are delivered and stored on-site. Paving to begin in April 2019 on Pope Avenue.
Proposed Action:  Park Development Component
  • Anticipated April 2019 Notice of Award with Summer 2020 Completion Date
11/21/2019 - The lagoon is 2 feet below the designed water level. Setting Sun has been installed and work continues on the boardwalks, pond pavilion and retaining wall. The clearstory on the restroom building will soon be constructed. Curb work on the adjacent parking area is complete with installation of the asphalt drive aisle and paver parking to follow. The pavilion is the critical path item for completion of the park and the footers for that structure have been installed. The ship in the playground has been pre-assembled at the factory. It will be taken apart in sections for ease of installation in February.
10/28/2019 - Rough grading of the site has been completed, park storm drains installed and the piles for the boardwalks, pond pavilion, bridge and retaining wall have been driven. Block work on the restroom building is complete and the timber for this structure has been delivered. The museum foundation is complete and the band shell pavilion foundation is about 50% complete. The Setting Sun sculpture will be installed the first of November before the lagoon is flooded. Work should begin in November on the parking at the Lagoon Road entrance.
9/30/2019 - Work continues on the Museum and Band Pavilion foundation and Main Restroom plumbing. Grading to shape the lagoon is complete. Piles are being driven for the retaining wall, boardwalks and lagoon pavilion. Once the piles have been installed (around the middle of Oct.) the pumps will be turned off and the lagoon allowed to fill with water. Sidewalks are being installed at the Pope Avenue side of the park.
8/26/2019 - Building permits for the Restrooms, Museum and the Pond Pavilion have been issued. Block work on the Restroom has already started and foundation work for the Museum is underway. Building permits for the Band Pavilion and Playground Restroom should be issued around the first of September. The iconic playground ship has been ordered. Grading continues on the parking expansion for planned delivery late this winter. Shaping of the new lagoon is almost complete and are being driven for the bulkhead, “Setting Sun” platform, Pond Pavilion and boardwalks. Once the piles are in place the lagoon will be allowed to fill with water around the middle of September. The sidewalk along Pope Ave was completed the first of August and is open for use.
7/24/2019 - The most dramatic change on the site is the lower water level in the lagoon to accommodate reshaping the lagoon. The building pads for the children’s museum, pavilion and restrooms on the beach parking lot side of the park have been graded and compacted. Rebar is in place for the foundation for the restrooms. The rough grading for the sidewalk along Pope Avenue is complete and is on scheduled to be installed and open for use the first of August.
6/24/2019 - Clearing operations are complete and grading for the building pads should be complete by the first of August. Staff and the contractor are working to complete the path along Pope Ave by early August as well without compromising the scheduled completion of the park. The water level in the lagoon will be lowered in July to accommodate grading for the parking lot expansion just beyond the Lagoon Road drop-off. In August the water level will be further lowered to grade the lagoon and prepare the wetland planting areas along the banks. As the water is lowered existing lagoon wildlife will be relocated to other Hilton Head Island parks
5/30/2019 - The General Contractor for construction of the park is Nix Construction Company, Inc. A staging area has been prepped at the corner of Pope and Lagoon for QE, the road contractor, to finish construction on Nassau. Silt fence and tree protection has been installed and the site pre-clear inspection is scheduled for Wednesday, June 5th. The Groundbreaking Ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11th at 9 am.
3/27/2019 - The apparent winner of the RFP, pending successful negotiation of a contract, is Nix Construction Company. Construction is scheduled to begin in April.
2/13/2019 - Four responses to the RFP for the Lowcountry Celebration Park were received.
1/11/2019 - A Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued with a solicitation deadline of February 13, 2019.
Proposed Action:  Total Project Budget: $22,500,000 approximate
10/18/2019 - This work is on budget with just under 40% of the budget expended.

Evaluate the Creation of a Coligny Area / Beach Access Parking Plan

Proposed Action:  Conduct Parking Study (Summer/Fall 2019)
  • Identify Existing Inventory of Available Parking Spaces
  • Survey Existing Uses and Times of Use
  • Determine Geographic Footprint of Proposed Parking District
  • Conduct Public/Stakeholder Meetings
  • Develop Regulatory Scheme (Implementation Spring 2020)
  • Identify and Review Technology to Enhance Parking Regulations and Efficiency
11/20/2019 - Town Staff has reviewed the submitted materials in response to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and has selected the top two firms for interviews.
10/21/2019 - The Town has received several responses to its Request for Qualifications and is in the process of setting up a staff review committee that evaluate and rank these proposals.
9/30/2019 - The Town has issued an RFQ for a Coligny area and Beach Access Parking study, Bid No. 2019-33, with a closing date of October 15, 2019. We expect to review the submissions and schedule interviews of a shortlisted number of firm shortly thereafter.
5/30/2019 - Staff is currently working to draft a Request for Proposals that would solicit the services of a firm with a history of analyzing parking demands and preparing recommendations on regulations, strategies, capital improvements, and associated financial models that could be utilized to successfully address parking needs for all beach parking areas. We expect this RFP to be issued sometime in the June/July timeframe with execution beginning shortly thereafter.

Evaluate Technology Options to Enhance the Visitor Experience to the Park

Proposed Action:  Work with Partners to Design and Implement In-Park Wi-Fi Solutions
5/22/2019 - Identified vendors and reviewed individual product offerings to facilitate in-park mobile charging.
Proposed Action:  Determine Feasibility of In-Park Mobile Charging Stations
8/19/2019 - Identified solutions that could easily outfit park with any number of mobile charging station designs, from floor standing to wall mounted, stay & charge or secure & charge, all simply requiring 110V power or solar.
Proposed Action:  Explore Installation of Solar Powered/Wi-Fi Enabled Public Charging/Convenience Stations as Part of Park Furniture and Fixtures
US 278 Gateway Corridor Project

Creation of US 278 Corridor Advisory Committee

Proposed Action:  13 Member Committee Appointed by Town Council January of 2019
1/15/2019 - Town Council appointed 13 local citizens to serve on the US 278 Gateway Corridor Advisory Committee.
Proposed Action:  Members Represent a Variety of Professional Backgrounds, Interests, and Ties to the Project Area
1/15/2019 - Town Council appointed 13 local citizens to serve on the Committee from a variety of professional backgrounds and interests. This includes, representation from the Bicycle Advisory Committee, the Chamber, Gullah-Geechee community, Windmill Harbour, Stoney, citizens with DOT background, construction engineering, local contractors, business owners, former engineers, architects, as well as representation from Town Council, Bluffton Town Council, and County Council.
Proposed Action:  Will Assist in Evaluating Environmental Assessment Options and Provide Recommendation to Town Council on a Preferred Alternative - Likely an 18-24 month project
10/21/2019 - SCDOT released its 6 “Reasonable Alternatives”. The Committee will be reviewing these alternatives over the next few months in anticipation of making recommendations to Town Council in January.
9/25/2019 - The Committee developed a set of Guiding Principal to be used in evaluating alternatives for corridor improvements. These Guiding Principals were adopted by the Town Council and provided to SCDOT. The Guiding Principals were also adopted by Beaufort County and are being considered by the Town of Bluffton.
4/2019 - The committee submitted several suggested alternatives to the SCDOT for consideration. The alternatives the SCDOT has selected will be presented to the public in the fall 2019.

Work with the SC Department of Transportation to Review and Understand Project Schedules and Timelines

Proposed Action:  Help to Convey Information to the Public on Matters Concerning Key Dates Contained Within the Project Schedule
11/21/2019 - The U.S. 278 Gateway Corridor Committee held several meetings over the last quarter and gave community presentations to inform the community about the proposed project. This includes two public meetings, one sponsored by SCDOT and the other sponsored by the Town. More than 400 residents attended the meetings, which received widespread media coverage.
7/24/2019 - The Town’s U.S. 278 Gateway Corridor Committee continues to meet monthly and provides updates to the public. At its July meeting, SCDOT officials updated attendees on key dates for public input and upcoming public meetings.
5/30/2019 - The committee continues to discuss the best options of communication to the public while utilizing current tools such as the Town's website, Facebook page, and the SCDOT Project link. The committee is planning some community meeting meetings taking place in June within the Stoney Community and later with the citizens of Windmill Harbour.
Proposed Action:  Monitor and Publish Updates to the Project Schedule If They Should Arise
11/21/2019 - Project updates have been distributed through the Town's Our Town newsletter and Facebook page, and disseminated through media interviews.
7/24/2019 - Published project updates in the spring and summer issues of the Town’s Our Town newsletter, which were distributed through The Island Packet newspaper and are available on the Town’s website. SCDOT also published a summer newsletter in June that provided key project updates; it is available on the SCDOT website.
5/30/2019 - Using the Town's Facebook page and directing citizens to the SCDOT project link, the committee continues to keep the community updated with the project schedule.

Develop a Communication Plan to Transmit Community Information to SC Department of Transportation

Proposed Action:  Develop a Schedule for SC Department of Transportation to Regularly Attend Committee Meetings - Ongoing in Duration
11/21/2019 - Representatives from the SCDOT along with members of the Town’s U.S. 278 Gateway Corridor Committee gave 11 presentations between June and November.
7/24/2019 - Craig Winn, SCDOT project manager, gave a presentation to the Town’s U.S. 278 Gateway Corridor Committee on July 9th, and received feedback from the committee and the public. In addition, committee members have worked with the Town’s communication office on a communication strategy for dissemination of information about an upcoming public meeting on September 19 at the Boys and Girls Club on Hilton Head Island and to gather information from the public to be shared with SCDOT.
5/30/2019 - Craig Winn, SCDOT project manager will make a presentation to the committee in late June or early July.
Proposed Action:  Develop Tools to Allow for Community Input That Can Be Provided to SC Department of Transportation
11/21/2019 - The Town and the SCDOT's webpages are maintained and provide opportunities for continued public engagement and comments.
7/24/2019 - The U.S. 278 Gateway Corridor Committee and SCDOT continues to encourage public comment through a survey link on the Town’s and SCDOT’s webpage. Committee members plan to launch another survey in the fall. SCDDOT has participated in community events where its staff gathers public input; it will continue with this strategy.
5/30/2019 - Both the Town’s and SCDOT’s web page provide opportunities for public comment. Also the committee will be developing a series of meetings throughout the town to expla8n the project and solicited input. It is anticipated that SCDOT will attend many of these meetings.
Proposed Action:  Develop a Program to Provide the Public Regular Updates on the Environmental Assessment Process and the Progress of the US 278 Committee - Spring/Summer 2019
7/24/2019 - The Environmental Assessment Process is a continual process. Per communication strategies, updates are provided at committee and community meetings.
Mitchelville / Gullah Geechee Cultural Preservation

Implementation of Recommendations Provided by the Gullah Geechee Cultural Preservation Consultant

Proposed Action:  Report to be Completed by March 2019 with Subsequent Discussion Occurring During the Second Quarter of 2019
4/15/2019 - The Consultant team presented recommendations for cultural preservation to the Gullah Geechee Land and Cultural Preservation Task Force on April 1, 2019.
3/27/2019 - The Consultant team will present their final draft recommendations to the Gullah Geechee Land and Cultural Preservation Task Force on April 1, 2019.
Proposed Action:  Gullah Geechee Land and Cultural Preservation Task Force Will Help to Prioritize Recommendations and Develop Implementation Strategies
5/20/2019 - The Task Force met on April 22 and May 6, 2019 to review the recommendations, discuss prioritization of strategies, and made a recommendation to the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission met on May 15, 2019 and voted unanimously to accept the Gullah Geechee Culture Preservation Project Report as amended and recommend that Town Council accept the report and allocate funding for implementation.
4/15/2019 - The Task Force will meet on April 22, 2019 to review the recommendations and discuss prioritization of strategies and next steps.
3/27/2019 - The Task Force will review the recommendations & implementation strategies presented by the Consultant Team and will make a recommendation to the Planning Commission for priorities to be pursued by Town Council.
Proposed Action:  Town Council Will Finalize Recommendations and Results Will Be Folded into the Town’s Comprehensive Plan - Third Quarter 2019
11/18/2019 - The Task Force voted unanimously to forward a framework for the top priority recommendations to Town Council with a recommendation to approve.
10/28/2019 - The Task Force has been working with staff to prepare a framework for pursuing the top priorities out of the consultant’s recommendations.
9/25/2019 - Town Council met on September 17, 2019 and voted unanimously to accept the Gullah Geechee Culture Preservation Report. . Staff worked with the Task Force to identify the top priorities out of the recommendations.

St. James Baptist Church Relocation

Proposed Action:  Continue Discussions with Representatives from St. James Baptist Church and Beaufort County to Successfully Present a Mutually Agreed Upon Relocation Plan to the Federal Aviation Administration - Ongoing in Duration
11/20/2019 - Due to potential archeological issues at the site near Mitchellville which may result in increased costs and extensive time delays, the church congregation has asked Town Council to let them investigate using a portion of the Planters Row Golf Course next to their cemetery on Union Cemetery Road. Discussions are underway with the land planner to revise their plans to fit this site. Also an architect has been engaged to prepare a conceptual plan and cost estimates.
9/25/2019 - A concept plan for the relocation has been prepared by the County’s consultant and shared with representatives of St. James and the Mitchellville Project. Both groups have endorsed the plan. All parties met with representatives of the State Historic Preservation Office to discuss the plan. The County is engaging a firm to undertake an archeological study of the proposed site. Once completed this study will be shared with SHPO and the National Parks Service so the concept plan can be evaluated.
5/30/2019 - Staff has been meeting with representatives of Beaufort County who have been authorized by the County Council to prepare the necessary surveys, appraisals, and preliminary site plans that are necessary to successfully evaluate the potential relocation of the Church to land that is jointly owned by the County and Town. Staff members have also met with representatives of the South Carolina Historic Preservation Office to discuss what requirements might be needed to facilitate the relocation of the church and the Cherry Hill School. Town Council has voted to sell property that is jointly owned with Beaufort County to the Church for a new location contingent on County and FAA approvals. The Beaufort County Natural Resources Committee has voted to recommend that the County Council agree to the sale contingent on the Town and FAA.
Proposed Action:  Town Council to Provide Final Approval of Relocation Site, Relocation Plan and Related Compensation Issues - Target Fall 2019
Proposed Action:  Coordinate All Efforts with the Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park, Inc.
11/20/2019 - Efforts have been coordinated with Mitchellville as they prepared their master plan. Their master plan was completed and reflects the potential for the church to relocate next to their site. Due to archeological issues on the potential church site, this coordination my not be important.
9/25/2019 - The concept plan for the relocation has been shared with representatives of Mitchellville. They have endorsed the concept.

Dirt Road Paying / Stormwater Improvements

Proposed Action:  Review Current Policies Regarding Dirt Road Acquisition to Include Alternative Roadway Designs When Deemed Appropriate by Town Council - Ongoing in Duration
11/20/2019 - Community Development continues to work on updating the LMO to preserve existing density rights on properties adjacent to prospective private roads to be dedicated to the Town. The Town Attorney has reached a determination that no right of way exist on Mitchelville Road, thus significantly lowering its ranking. A presentation is to be made to the Community Service and Public Safety Committee on 11/25/2019. Town Attorney continues research work on Pine Field Road right of way.
5/22/2019 - New Town Attorney is working on title research to discern legal ownership/rights to the two pending private roads. Community Development working on LMO revisions.
3/28/2019 - Community Development shall recommend LMO revisions to preserve (“grandfather”) the current development and density rights of those parcels adjacent to private qualifying unpaved roads where public right of way is donated to the Town.
3/28/2019 - The Town Attorney is actively working on the offer of right of way donations on Mitchelville Lane extension and Pine Field Road.
Proposed Action:  Create Interactive GIS Map to Identify Stormwater Maintenance and System Improvement Projects that have been Completed by the Town in the Last Five Years as well as Identifying All Future Projects to be Undertaken and Those That are Currently Under Construction - Summer 2019
5/22/2019 - Work continues on developing the interactive mapfor future integration on the website.
3/28/2019 - Mapping effort using GIS and Asset Management software are ongoing. Project database is complete (Completed / Active / Future) and project geographic information is now populated into ArcGIS for future integration into Town website. Development of the interactive element of web-based GIS map which will allow public to enter and submit a geo-based requests for service in progress.
Comprehensive Plan Review & Update

Development of "Our Plan"

Proposed Action:  Satisfy the State Mandated Requirement to Re-Write the Comprehensive Plan Every Ten Years to Ensure That Existing Plans are Current and Relevant - Anticipated Completion May 2020
11/18/2019 - Work Groups are wrapping up strategy development and will be presenting them to the Development Team for review and input in early December.
10/28/2019 - The Development Team reviewed and provided input on the draft goals. Work Groups are currently developing strategies.
9/25/2019 - Work Groups have formulated draft goals and will be presenting them to the Development Team for discussion and input October 7, 2019.
8/26/2019 - Each Work Group presented the results of their SOAR/SWOT Activity to the Development Team for discussion and input. Work Groups are beginning to formulate draft goals.
5/20/2019 - Work Group meetings began the week of May 20, 2019. Each group will meet twice a month to develop goals and strategies/tactics.
4/15/2019 - Town Council appointed 8 residents to the Our Plan Development Team per a recommendation from the Community Services Committee at the Town Council meeting on April 2, 2019.
3/27/2019 - The Community Services Committee conducted interviews with residents interested in participating as members of the Our Plan Development Team. It is anticipated that Town Council will appoint members to the Our Plan Development Team on 4/2/2019.
Proposed Action:  Initiative will Build Upon Prior Information Developed as a Part of the Community Engagement Process
10/28/2019 - The public was given two opportunities to attend open houses to view the Work Groups’ progress in the development of draft goals and provide feedback.
9/25/2019 - An open house was held September 18, 2019 for the public to view the results of the SOAR/SWOT Activity and to provide comments. Another open house is scheduled for October 8, 2019 for the public to review the draft goals and provide input.
7/24/2019 - An open house was held on July 15, 2019 for the public to view the progress to date of the Work Groups and participate in a photo/attribute exercise.
6/25/2019 - Work Groups are meeting regularly to identify attributes associated with the Core Values.
5/20/2019 - A kick-off meeting for the Development Team and Work Group members was held May 8, 2019.
4/15/2019 - An outline of the principles and process as well as conceptual schedule was prepared and is being shared with the Development Team and Work Groups. A link to collateral will be provided on the Town’s website.
3/27/2019 - Staff is preparing collateral that transitions from Our Future to Our Plan in advance of a Development Team and Work Group kick-off Meeting.

Comprehensive Plan Focus Areas

Proposed Action:  Volunteer Focus Groups will be Created to Help Review and Develop Content Regarding Areas That Must be Addressed Within the Comprehensive Plan to Include:
  • Land Use
  • Workforce Housing
  • Transportation
  • Environmental Protection
  • Economic Development
March - April of 2019
5/20/2019 - Work Group members participated in a kick-off meeting May 8, 2019. Meetings begin the week of May 20, 2019.
4/15/2019 - Work Groups have been assembled around the 7 core values. Work Groups members are currently being notified and invited to participate in the process starting in early May.
3/27/2019 - Staff solicited applications from the public to participate in one of seven Work Groups. Work Group assignments are currently being made in anticipation of a kick-off meeting in early May 2019.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Proposed Action:  Town Council Identified Commencing a Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update as One of Its Highest Priorities
8/26/2019 - Lose Design was on the island August 19-21, 2019 to kick-off the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Interviews, Focus Group Meetings, and Open Houses were held as part of the kick-off.
7/24/2019 - A kick-off meeting with the consultant is being planned for mid-August.
5/20/2019 - Task Group members participated in a kick-off meeting on May 8, 2019. The Task Group’s first meeting is Wednesday, June 5, 2019.
4/15/2019 - Task Group members are being notified and invited to participate in a kick-off meeting in early May 2019.
3/27/2019 - A Task Group will be formed as a sub-group of the Work Group, Fostering an Inclusive and Multi-Dimensional Community, to work with the consultant tasked with preparing a Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The Task Group will include members of the Parks and Recreation Commission.
Proposed Action:  Consultant will be Identified to Assist in the Creation of this Plan
7/24/2019 - Lose Design was hired to complete the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.
6/25/2019 - Interviews were held with top four firms.
5/20/2019 - Seven RFP responses were received May 15, 2019. A selection committee is reviewing responses and checking references.
4/15/2019 - A RFP for professional services to prepare a Parks and Recreation Master Plan is being advertised in mid-April.
3/27/2019 - Staff prepared a draft RFP to hire a consultant to prepare a Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The draft RFP was presented to the Parks & Recreation Commission for review & input.
Proposed Action:  Will Include a Review and Analysis of All Current Facilities and the Future Recreational Needs for the Island
11/18/2019 - The community survey provided extensive public input. The consultant team has evaluated existing facilities against national park metrics is working on draft recommendations.
10/28/2019 - The community survey has been live for approximately one month. Input will be used by the consultants to prepare recommendations on potential improvements to the Town’s park system.
9/25/2019 - A statistically valid community survey has been prepared and is being administered by the Consultant to gain public input regarding the community’s thoughts on parks and recreation facilities, programming, and funding.
8/26/2019 - Interviews, Focus Group Meetings, and Open Houses were held August 19-21 to solicit information regarding current parks, facilities, and programs. A site visit was conducted to each of the Town’s current facilities.
Workforce Development

Evaluation of Recommendations from Workforce Housing Consultant

Proposed Action:  Staff Will Work with Town Council to Review the Report and Prioritize Recommendations, Develop Implementation Strategies, and Fold Recommendations into the Comprehensive Plan - Report Anticipated April 2019
11/18/2019 - Town Council accepted the Workforce Housing Strategic Plan and approved the policy framework for a workforce housing program on November 5, 2019. Staff was directed to bring the program to the Public Planning Committee in mid-January 2020.
8/26/2019 - The Public Planning Committee met August 22, 2019 and made a recommendation to Town Council to accept the Workforce Housing Strategic Plan as well as tools and strategies outlined in the staff approach for implementation to address workforce availability.
7/24/2019 - The Public Planning Committee discussed staff’s approach on June 28th and will take action on a recommendation at their regular August meeting.
6/25/2019 - The Public Planning Committee will hold a special meeting on June 28, 2019 to discuss staff’s approach to the consultant’s recommendations.
4/15/2019 - The Workforce Housing Strategic Plan was presented by the consultant, Lisa Sturtevant, to the Public Planning Committee on April 10, 2019.
3/27/2019 - The Workforce Housing Consultant will present the final report to the Public Planning Committee on April 10, 2019.

Continued Evaluation of Transportation Needs

Proposed Action:  The Town will Provide Input and Recommendations to Palmetto Breeze to Consider Implementing for the 2019 Trolley Season - Approved March 2019
3/27/2019 - Staff provided input and recommendations to Palmetto Breeze regarding the 2019 Trolley Season including proposed modifications to the existing route and service hours.
Proposed Action:  Enhanced Services for the 2019 Calendar Year Will Improve On-Island Circulation for the Workforce and Visitors - Post Season Evaluations will Occur Fall 2019
11/18/2019 - Palmetto Breeze presented year-end reports to the Public Planning Committee on October 29, 2019.

Evaluate Master Planning Portions of the Island

Proposed Action:  Consider Appropriate Locations for Workforce Development Projects From a Land Use Planning Standpoint - Ongoing During Comprehensive Plan Update
11/18/2019 - Staff has identified the boundaries of an initial master plan area associated with the Opportunity Zone.
Proposed Action:  Implement Strategies Through LMO Revisions (i.e. overlay districts) or Through Adoption of Programs as Part of the Comprehensive Plan