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Media Release

Traffic Signal Phasing Revision - Intersection of William Hilton Parkway with Arrow Road

Release Date: February 9, 2018

Contact Information:
Darrin Shoemaker email icon , Traffic and Transportation Engineer, 843-341-4774, Fax: 843-842-8587

The Town of Hilton Head Island is revising the phasing sequence of the subject traffic signal. Following the revision, all traffic signals serving the southbound approach of Arrow Road coming from the direction of the Dunnagans Alley roundabout will turn red simultaneously before green signals, including a left-turn  arrow, are provided to the northbound Arrow Road approach coming from the direction of New Orleans Road. Hence, all traffic movements from the southbound approach will be served first, and all traffic movements from the northbound approach will be served subsequently. Currently, all traffic movements from the southbound approach are served before the left-turn signals turn red and the  through and right-turn movements continue to be served with green signals coincident with the display of green signals to all traffic movements from the northbound approach. Following the revision, all left-turns from both side street approaches will be served exclusively with green arrows indicating that the movement is protected from both oncoming traffic as well as pedestrian and bicycle movements within the crosswalk crossing the departure area. Currently, the left-turn movement on the northbound approach is served exclusively by a circular green signal, indicating the need for left-turning motorists to yield to opposing traffic and non-vehicular movements within the crosswalk. Improvements to the pedestrian signals controlling all crosswalks at this intersection and both pole-mounted and overhead signs will also be accomplished as part of the project.

The work to revise this signal’s sequence is currently scheduled for the morning and afternoon of Tuesday, February 13th, weather permitting. The public is asked to be aware of this change and to be alert for the presence of workers and construction equipment while the work progresses.