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Media Release

South Island Emergency Beach Fill Project

Release Date: November 15, 2017

Contact Information:
Scott Liggett email icon , Director of Public Projects & Facilities, 843-341-4776, Fax: 843-842-8587

The Town hereby announces the completion of the above referenced project. At about 9:30 AM on November 15, 2017 crews from Marinex Construction completed all planned sand placement activities including the extension of the project from East Beach Lagoon Drive to near Duck Hawk Road. In coming days crews will demobilize pipeline and equipment from the Island. In total, the project involved the placement of approximately 600,000 cubic yards of sand along about 3 miles of shoreline. The work was necessitated as a result of beach and dune damage caused by Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Irma. Of the total estimated $7.5 million dollar cost, as much as $1.9 million may qualify for FEMA reimbursement. Project information is available at the Town's website: www.hiltonheadislandsc.gov