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Media Release

South Island Emergency Beach Fill Project - Schedule Update

Release Date: July 27, 2017

Contact Information:
Scott Liggett email icon , Director of Public Projects & Facilities, 843-341-4776, Fax: 843-842-8587

In upcoming weeks, preliminary activities associated with the South Island Emergency Beach Fill Project will commence. In particular, pre-project surveys of both the beach and our offshore borrow sites will be conducted. Both land and water based survey crews will be present and active within the project limits and offshore at the Barrett Shoal borrow site. The mobilization of equipment and requisite pipeline will take place during mid-August. The project limits extend along the beachfront from near Brown Pelican Road (Beach Marker 12) to near East Beach Lagoon Drive (Beach Marker 34) within Sea Pines. The initial project schedule indicates that the placement of sand should commence August 27, 2017, at South Beach, near the Tower Beach Club in the Sea Pines Resort.  Work is expected to advance northward toward Beach Lagoon Drive. Many factors, most beyond our ability to control, including weather influences and mechanical capabilities will likely affect the absolute schedule. Subsequent press releases will be issued as construction begins and detailed progress information also will be available via the Town's website: www.hiltonheadislandsc.gov.