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Media Release

When am I allowed to remove my placard?

Release Date: November 1, 2016

Contact Information:
Community Development Information Center email icon , 843-341-4757

The Town understands that business owners and residents would like to remove the green placards that were placed on homes and businesses as part of the Town's safety assessment after Hurricane Matthew. The Town is requesting that green placards remain in place through November 15, 2016. In an effort to protect the public, the Town has staff conducting enforcement patrols looking for both unlicensed contractors and repairs being completed without the necessary permits. The green placards assist Town staff in being able to be more efficient during routine enforcement patrols.

Yellow placards should not be removed until such time that a permit has been issued for any required repair work. At the time that the permit is issued, it may be posted on the property in place of the placard.

Red placards should not be removed until such time that the Building Official approves the removal.