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Press Release

Mayor's Task Force for the Island's Future

Release Date: December 1, 2009

Contact Information:
Thomas D. Peeples , Mayor, (843)683-1923

Town of Hilton Head Island Mayor Tom Peeples today announced the formation of the Mayor's Task Force for the Island's Future. The 13 member citizen committee will be expected to take six months to review and affirm the community's core values and provide a key set of policies to guide the town over the coming decades.  David Ames, a long-time resident, has agreed to chair the Task Force.

"I want to build upon the great work done over the past two years by our Planning Commission and Town Staff in developing our new Comprehensive Plan," the Mayor stated. "I want this group to take that foundation, and combine it with the vision that Town Council has crafted over the past years at our annual goal-setting workshop, and draw in the work of David Ames and others who have spoken so eloquently on the need for a new focus for a new, more mature stage in the town's evolution."

Other members of the Committee include:

J.R. Richardson, Joe Harden, Gail Quick, David Tigges, Tom Barnwell, Mark Baker, Willis (Bud) Shay, Peter Kristian, Elizabeth Lamkin, Marc Frey, Kumar Viswanathan and Steve Birdwell.

Council member Drew Laughlin and Town Manager Steve Riley will serve as ex officio members of the Task Force. Town Staff will provide support to the Task Force, which will operate as a public body whose meetings shall be open to the public.

The Mayor stated that he is expecting the Task Force to refine the Town's vision, to provide a set of key policies and suggestions for their implementation.  "Charles Fraser had a set of core values that guided his work on the Island," the Mayor commented. "The Planning Commission has formulated the outline of a vision and Town Council and others have put forth their views on our guiding principles.  I am looking to this group to take these various viewpoints, which share many traits, and mold them into a set of core values that we can all embrace and that will guide our future."

"We all want this to be the best place in the world to live, work, and visit!" the Mayor declared. "We will need to focus our resources and all pull in the same direction. This Task Force will provide the vision and the road map to get us there."