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Media Release

2016 Beach Nourishment Project - Schedule Update

Release Date: January 20, 2016

Contact Information:
Scott Liggett, PE , Director of Public Projects & Facilities, 843-341-4776, Fax: 843-842-8587

In upcoming weeks, preliminary activities associated with the 2016 Beach Nourishment Project will commence. In particular, pre-project surveys of both the beach and our offshore borrow sites will be conducted. Both land and water based survey crews will be present and active within the project limits and offshore at the Barrett and Bay Point Shoal borrow sites. The mobilization of equipment and requisite pipeline will take place during February. As a result, a portion of the Islanders’ Beach Park parking lot and beach front will be closed to the public for use by the dredge contractor. This Town-owned facility has been designated as one of three construction equipment access points for the project. Public notice will be provided regarding parking disruption at Islanders’ Beach Park. The initial project schedule indicates that the placement of sand will commence March 1, 2016, at South Beach, near the Tower Beach Club in the Sea Pines Resort. Once work is complete at South Beach, the placement of fill is then scheduled to commence around March 23, 2016 on the Atlantic Oceanfront, near the Marriott’s Grande Ocean Resort in South Forest Beach. Work will proceed to the north toward the Sonesta  Resort. Therefore, it is expected that the beach fill related activities including mobilization of pipeline and active fill placement will be in the vicinity of South and North Forest Beach from mid to late March through mid to late April. Upon completion of this portion of the work, the dredge is expected to be repositioned to the Bay Point Shoal with work then commencing at Singleton Beach, just south of the Folly around May 2, 2016. Work will advance to the south. Work along the entirety of the Palmetto Dunes shoreline is expected to occur between May 2 and May 26. Lastly, all work adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and Port Royal Sound on the Port Royal Plantation shoreline, immediately southeast and northwest of the Port Royal Beach House is scheduled for June. Please be advised that this schedule is to be taken in general terms and is provided to indicate the general order in which sections of the beach will be nourished. Many factors most beyond our ability to control including weather influences and mechanical capabilities will likely affect the absolute schedule. Subsequent press releases will be issued as construction begins and detailed progress information also will be available via the Town’s website: www.hiltonheadislandsc.gov.