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Press Release

Mayor’s Youth Volunteer Service Award Ceremony

Release Date: May 15, 2014

Contact Information:
Faidra T. Smith , Public Information Coordinator, (843)341-4640, Fax: (843) 842-7728
Lynn Buchman , Administrative Assistant/Mayor’s Office, (843)341-4700

Mayor Drew Laughlin presented 141 Hilton Head Island Middle School and High School students with the Mayor's Youth Volunteer Service Award at a special ceremony at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina on Wednesday, May 14, 2014. The ceremony presented a way to thank and honor these students who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspired others to engage in volunteer service and who have given their valuable time and effort into making a difference in our community.

All 141 students completed at least 50 hours of community service since May 1, 2013 contributing a total of more than 17,567 volunteer hours to our community. 41 of the 141 students contributed more than 150 hours of service to earn the Mayor's Call to Service Award and 3 of the 141 students contributed more than 400 volunteer hours. Photos for each award level group can be found on the Town's website at www.hiltonheadislandsc.gov.

Recipients for each level included:

Bronze Level (At least 50 hours):
Mariah Anderson, James Bartholomew, Rebecca Cooke, Jessica Geltz, Mac Orie, Sammy Parlagreco, Trevor Peck, Shaun Topper, Dillon Treacy, Marleny Vargas, and Liu Yang.

Silver Level (51to 100 hours):
Camilla Aragon, Nicole Arnold, Michael Becvar, Hunter Brigham, Caitlin Buckalew, Kendall Bullock, Kenneth Casavant, Brianna Caspersen, Steven Chisholm, Kalaylah Chisolm, Kaitlin Cooke, Santiago Diaz, Lucero Dominguez, Lydia Fuller, Daria Fulton, Raymond Garza, Hannah Rose Harrison, Jamie Hubbard, Andi Jacobs, Ritwik Jain, Alejandra Jordan, Elizabeth Jordan, Kaeleigh Judge, Zachary June, Kayla Kozak, Samantha Kriney, Janeth Landeros, Cori Leonard, Jakob Lewis, Parker Liggett, Juliette MacMurray, Lara Martel, Maddie McDonald, Kaley McGuire, Catie Meighan, Ann Monroe, Isabel Muehleman, Jacquelyn Nahman, Ryan Nimmer, Emily Oldham, Cristian Ordonez, Max Page, Jackson Puckey, Denisse Ramos, Eleanor Rosenberry, Juliana Rosenberry, Sam Rothwell, Keshav Sharma, Callie Smith, Rachel Stratton, Elijah Thompson, Brad Tigges, Mark Tigges, Wescott Unik, Carlie Van, Caroline Vaughn, Natalie Wade, Clarissa Walls, Emma Walls, Megan Webster, Craig Whiting, Carley Willey, Foster Willey, Joshua Williams, Justin Williams, and Lillian Zmarzly.

Gold Level (101 to 150 hours):
Audrey Bennett, K.C. Boatright, Rebecca Donaldson, Hannah Fedor, Trinity Feltner, Veronique Horup, Logan Hrobar, Wesley Kerr, McKenna Leitner, Peyton Leitner, Jamia Leonard, Jackson McGoldrick, Julia Nahman, Garrett Novak, Lydia Novak, Aaliyah Orage, Gracie Phillips, Sandy Phillips, Jordan Robinson, Allie Santorum, Miyah Shatz, Jacqueline Tobin, and Emily Wilbourne.

Mayor's Call to Service Award (More than 150 hours):
Hanna Boney, Tiegue Brougham-Cook, Kristy Campos, Tommy Cooper, Tristan Cummings, Edi Darnell, Stephen Frederico, Whitaker Gannon, DJ Green, Lily Green, Keylan Hanna, Tory Henrichs, Casey Honowitz, Allison Hughes, Michael H. Jackson, Akia Johnson, Maggie Lucci, Molly Lucci, Tate Lucci, Emma McGoldrick, Hannah Medford, Paige Medford, Jacie Millen, Meccay Nimmer, Darby O’Donnell, Valentina Palacio, Mitt Patel, Ryan Pirnat, Alexander Pistilli, Vanessa Ramirez, Forest Richardson, Raechel Schroeder, Lauren Shand, Morgan Smith, Luke Sodemann, Jack Spiehs, Claudia Swidzinski, Lizzy Tupamahu, Kelsey Wallace, Cameron Wilder, and Laurel Woerheide.

*Note: Photos are attached for each award level. Please note that the order of the names in the press release do not match the order of the kids in the group photos. Not all students were present to receive an award.

Bronze Level

Photo of Bronze Level Recipients

Silver Level

Photo of Silver Level Recipients

Gold Level

Photo of Gold Level Recipients

Mayor's Call to Service Award

Photo of Mayor's Call to Service Award Recipients