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Press Release

Town acquires 4.975 acres from the South Carolina Department of Transportation

Release Date: April 6, 2010

Contact Information:
Stephen G.Riley, ICMA-CM , Town Manager, (843)341-4700, Fax: (843)842-7728

The Town of Hilton Head Island today announced the acquisition of two parcels of land totaling 4.975 acres from the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) for a total expenditure of $1,100,000.00. The Town will use proceeds from the Town's 2004 Bond Issue and proceeds from prior sales of land.

The property is a vacant, irregular shaped lot which fronts Helmsman Way, abuts the Cross Island Parkway Right of Way and the Haig Point Embarkation Center, and has 188 feet of frontage on Broad Creek.

Town Manager Steve Riley stated that "this a property that we have been interested in since the SCDOT first acquired it for a construction staging area for the construction of the Cross Island Parkway in the early 1990's, but the property contained a provision giving the previous owner a first right of refusal. Only now is the property free of legal entanglements over the title, and the Town is extremely happy to have come to terms with the SCDOT at an amount far below their initial asking price of around $4 million."

Mayor Peeples stated that "with its waterfront access and proximity to both the County boat ramp and the Crossings Park, it is ideally situated for future public use and enjoyment. In fact, the property will revert back to the South Carolina Department of Transportation if the parcel is not utilized for public purposes. There are no specific plans or timeline for improvements to the property at this time."

The SCDOT Tract is zoned WMU, Water-Oriented Mixed Use District, which would have allowed 39,799 square feet of commercial development, generating 1,378 PM peak-hour driving trips.

Today's acquisition pushed the program inventory to 136 parcels totaling 1,183.09 acres, with a total expenditure of $153 million. Taken together, these parcels have resulted in a reduction of 4.43 million square feet of commercial development, 1,365 motel rooms, 4,467 multi-family and timeshare units, and 38,894 peak-hour driving trips.

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