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Stormwater Management Program

Stormwater Hotline LogoWhat is Stormwater?

Stormwater is water that originates from precipitation such as rain and snow/ice melt. Stormwater that does not soak into the soil (infiltrate) or remain on the surface and evaporate becomes stormwater runoff.

Stormwater runoff flows directly or indirectly into streams, rivers, or other water bodies and is the most common cause of water pollution. Stormwater runoff can change natural hydrologic patterns, accelerate stream flows, destroy aquatic habitats, and elevate pollutant concentrations and loadings.

Pollution occurs when rainwater falls from rooftops or runs off driveways, roads, sidewalks, lawns and farmland and collects pollutants such as pet and livestock waste, pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, sediment, grease and oil and carries them into our rivers, estuaries, inlets, sounds and coastal waters. Development substantially increases runoff from streets, driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks, on which pollutants from human activities settle.

The Town of Hilton Head Island Stormwater Management Program strives to protect surrounding water bodies and enhance the natural resources by improving water quality through the promotion and implementation of effective stormwater management practices, regulation of land development, collaboration with regional jurisdictions, along with public education and outreach.

Stormwater Management Program

The Town's Stormwater Management Program is funded by the Stormwater Utility Fee and seeks to mitigate flooding, maintain stormwater infrastructure, protect and improve the health of the water bodies in the Town's jurisdiction by providing the following services:

  • Manage the Town's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Program (a water quality program mandated by the state and federal governments under the Clean Water Act)
  • Conduct construction and post-construction inspections for sediment, erosion and stormwater runoff controls
  • Public education, outreach and involvement
  • Coordination with Beaufort County and SCDOT on projects within County and State rights of way that drain to waterbodies within Town limits
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Testing in sensitive watersheds
  • Address public concerns related to stormwater in a timely, professional manner
  • Review development plans to ensure compliance with the Town's Land Management Ordinance and Design Guidelines
  • Routine, Preventive, and Corrective Maintenance
  • Operations and Maintenance of stormwater Pump Stations
  • Stormwater Capital Improvement Projects
  • Inventory and Modeling of the Town's stormwater infrastructure

For more information on the Stormwater Utility Fee, please visit the Beaufort County Stormwater Fee website.external link icon

2019 NPDES Annual Report (Year 4) pdf icon

Stormwater Project Map pdf icon


Jeff Netzinger, PE email icon
Assistant Town Engineer/Stormwater Manager
Brian Eber, CFM email icon
Stormwater NPDES Coordinator
Kelli Uyesugi, PE email icon
Stormwater Construction Administrator
Erik Ladd, PLA email icon
Stormwater Operations and Maintenance Technician
Alexis Cook, EIT email icon
Stormwater Engineer

Cary Schumacher, CEPSCI email icon
Stormwater Inspector

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