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Hilton Head Island Capital Improvement Projects

In accordance with State law, the proposed Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is developed by staff for review and recommendation to the full Planning Commission (PC) via the PC's CIP Committee. Pathways and parks section is also reviewed by the Parks & Recreation Commission. Planning Commission annually recommends the proposed CIP to Town Council for deliberations during their Budget Workshop.

The CIP is a ten-year program of which one year is funded for implementation. The nine subsequent years are programmed with estimates of funding requirements. Some of the programmed estimates for projects in the out years are listed as To Be Determined (TBD). The CIP is based on a variety of sources. Sources are Town Council's Policy and Management Agendas which include input from the public and the Town's Boards, Commissions and Committees. Other source documents include: The current Comprehensive Plan which incorporates the Initiative Area Plans; the Transportation Plan which includes pathways and roads; the Town-Wide Drainage Plan; the Fire & Rescue Master Plan, and the Recreation Element; the adopted Countywide All Hazard Mitigation Plan, the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan which is being improved as a part of the Disaster Recovery Commission's work program; the Beach Access Plan, the Beach Maintenance Monitoring reports; the Broad Creek Management Plan, and a Space Needs Study of all Town facilities and properties to include Town Hall, all parks, Fire & Rescue stations and town wide infrastructure.

For more information regarding the CIP, please view our current Fiscal Year Budget for details such as revenue sources and proposed projects.

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