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Fire Rescue LogoSmoke Alarms

Six out of ten residential fire deaths occur in homes without smoke alarms. Working smoke alarms cut your chances of dying in a house fire in half.

Having trouble with your smoke alarms?

  • Remember that smoke alarms need to be replaced every 7-10 years. If you are changing your batteries but still find you are getting a "chirping" sound, then it's time to replace your alarms.
  • Remember to change your batteries at least once a year and twice is better.
  • Test your smoke alarms monthly by pushing the button.
  • Used compressed air or a vacuum cleaner to keep your smoke alarms clean.

Need to know where to place your smoke alarms?

  • You can install your alarms either on the ceiling (4-12 inches from the wall) or high on a wall (4-12 inches from the ceiling). They should be at least 3 feet  from windows or air ducts.
  • Place at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home and within 15 feet of sleeping areas.
  • Install a smoke alarm inside each bedroom.

Where shouldn't I install smoke alarms?
Do not install them in the garage, attic, kitchen, bathroom or workshop.

False Alarms
If you are cooking and steam or fumes or smoke cause a false alarm, do not remove the battery to stop the sound ~ instead fan the area of the alarm with a kitchen towel or similar and open a window. The sound will stop.

What if I can't reach the smoke alarm to change the batteries?
Call the Public Education Office at 682-5141 and we will get you help to change your batteries.

What if I can't afford smoke alarms?

Call the Public Education Office at 682-5141 and we can help.