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Fire Rescue LogoLearn before you burn!

Town Council recently voted to reenact a new Chapter 7 of Title 9 of the Municipal Code which changed the Town's outdoor burning regulations. As of April 1, 2014 open burning of yard debris such as leaves, grass and pine straw will only be allowed two days per month. Recreational burning is still legal with certain restrictions; the information provided will help you learn before you burn!

What type of Open Burning is permitted?

  • Outdoor Cooking. Outdoor cooking in an outdoor fixed or portable barbecue, food smoking unit, and outdoor cooking stoves.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces. Outdoor fireplaces which receive a Town issued building permit and are properly maintained.
  • Recreational fires. Fires for the purpose of pleasure, religious, ceremonial, or other similar purposes. You can burn the following: natural vegetation (wood, twigs, and pine cones), commercially prepared fireplace logs, and charcoal. You cannot burn waste lumber, pine straw, leaves, grass or garbage.
  • Burning of Yard Waste. Fires for the purpose of burning yard waste including, but not limited, to grass, tree limbs, branches, leaves, pine straw, pine cones and similar items.

Violations of the Burn Ordinance are punishable by
a fine of up to $1092.50 and 30 days in jail.

What type of Open Burning is NOT permitted?

  • Commercial burning of debris such as site clearing or construction waste.