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Emergency Medical Services Billing

The Town of Hilton Head Island Finance Department handles the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) billing for the Fire & Rescue Division. The EMS Division will bill your insurance for ambulance transports provided by the Town's Fire & Rescue Division. To submit your insurance information please call 843-341-4623 or 843-341-4655 or fax 843-341-2912.

Payments for services may be mailed to the Town of Hilton Head Island, One Town Center Court, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928. Please make checks payable to the Town of Hilton Head Island EMS.

Ambulance Service Fee Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Town of Hilton Head Island affiliated with any hospitals?
No. The Town of Hilton Head Island provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS) through the Town of Hilton Head Island Fire & Rescue. The Town's Finance Department, Revenue and Collections Division, performs the billing and collection functions for the provided ambulance transport service. The Town of Hilton Head Island will bill you for these services.

Does the Town of Hilton Head Island participate with any of the insurance carriers?
The Town does not contract with any insurance companies other than those required by law such as Medicare and Medicaid. Depending upon the nature of the individual's insurance, the coverage by their insurer may vary.

Is the bill for ambulance service covered by insurance?
In most cases, yes. However, that depends in large part upon the type of coverage the individual has If the patient's provides their insurance billing information, the Town of Hilton Head Island will bill the individual's insurance company as a courtesy. However, it is the patient's responsibility to follow up with their insurance company to resolve any delays in payment. If the insurance company denies the claim for any reason or does not pay the full amount, the patient may be responsible for the remaining balance.

I own property on Hilton Head Island and pay taxes, why do I also get billed if I use this service?
The Town of Hilton Head Island's Fire & Rescue Department is funded through a combination of property taxes and user fees. To minimize the impact upon the entire citizenry of Hilton Head Island, Town Council decided to bill the actual users of the service.

How are the Town of Hilton Head Island EMS billing rates determined?
In general the rates are determined by market rate analysis, carrier allowables and budgetary considerations which are then submitted to Town Council for review and approval.

My insurance provider denied payment for my bill. What can I do?
A patient has the right to appeal the insurance company's decision. Obtain all the information related to the service such as: ambulance run form, emergency room notes, physician notes, discharge order, lab results; and contact your insurance provider requesting an appeal If you have general questions about your bill, you can contact our EMS billing group at: 843-341-4623 or 843-341-4655.

What happens if I don’t pay my bill?
In cases where the bill remains unpaid, the Town, as a last resort, will submit the balance for collection through the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

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