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Planning, Development & Building ConstructionStreet or Development Names

The purpose of the naming provisions in the Land Management Ordinance (LMO)external link icon is to create a uniform street naming system in the interest of the public health, safety and welfare of residents and visitors by improving emergency response times and ease of locating destinations.

Can I request a New or Modified Street or Development Name?
Yes. One may request names for a new street or new development, or a change to a street or development name.

Who approves my request?
Development names are reviewed and approved by staff; all street name changes are reviewed and approved by Planning Commission in a public setting.

Who can apply?
New names or changes to existing names are typically initiated by the property owner or developer. However, property owners who live along an existing street may request a name change if they have a majority consent of property owners affected by the proposed change.

When to apply?
For changes to existing street names, or new street names, complete applications must be submitted at least 30 days before the Planning Commission (PC) meeting. See the PC schedule for meetings and application deadlines. For development names which are reviewed by staff, you may submit anytime because there is no public meeting to schedule.

General Street Name Timeline and Process

General Street Name Timeline and Process Graphic
Note: Time is measured in calendar days

How to apply for a Street or Development Name

Online: Go to our Building & Development Citizen Access Portal and follow the prompts; OR

Hard Copy: Complete and submit the Street Name Applicationpdf icon or Development Name Applicationpdf icon.

Staff at Town Hall will assist with the following:

  • Assign a Project Manager to oversee the application process.
  • Coordinate with the applicant regarding any Public Hearing or Meeting date and status of application.
  • Notify the public of any Public Hearing through an advertisement in the newspaper and by posting a sign on the property.
  • Prepare a report listing Staff's recommendation to the Planning Commission.

Applicant is responsible for and is required by law to...

  1. Submit a narrative and other information necessary to make a determination regarding the request, including, but not limited to the following:
    • For either street or development names, a list of proposed names in priority order and why those names were chosen.
    • For either development or street names, if there is an associated development or subdivision being applied for, the name application must be submitted at the same time.
    • For modification to existing street names, notices to property owners fronting on the street that is to be modified must be sent a Public Hearing Notice informing them of the date and time.
    • For street names, a site plan indicating the location of the proposed new street, including a vicinity map no larger than 11"x17".
  2. Instructions for the Public Hearing Notice to be sent to property owners:
    • Addresses are listed with the Beaufort County Tax Assessor's officeexternal link icon in Beaufort (843) 470-2522.
    • Must be mailed (first class) at least 15 days before the public hearing; and
    • Must include the date, time and location of the public hearing. It is also recommended that details of the request be included.

Review Criteria

Criteria used in determining the approval of any name is listed in Section 16-2-103.0.4 of the LMOexternal link icon.

Action by the Planning Commission for Street Names

  • After reviewing the request, the PC will give its approval; approval with modifications or conditions; or disapproval to the request.
  • Once PC has made their decision, the Project Manager will notify the applicant.
  • If the new street name or modified name is approved, the Beaufort County Register of Deeds, emergency dispatch office, post office and any other interested agencies will be notified of any change.
  • All property owners of record on the affected street will be notified by certified mail.

Action by Staff for Development Names

  • Staff will notify the applicant of the request's approval or denial.
  • If the new development name or modified name is approved, the Beaufort County Register of Deeds, emergency dispatch office, post office and any other interested agencies will be notified of any change.

Please refer to Section 16-2-103.0 of the LMOexternal link icon for more details.

For questions regarding this procedure, please contact the Community Development Information Center email icon at 843-341-4757.