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Planning, Development & Building ConstructionSite Lighting Standards

Except for individual single family properties, all properties must comply with the Town's lighting requirements. The purpose is to ensure compatibility with the Island's unique character and natural environment.

General Requirements

All site lighting plans must receive a site lighting permit from the Town as well as any required building or electrical permits. If not using one of the standard light fixtures, then an application must be submitted for review by the Design Review Board.

  • Fixture (luminaire). The light source shall be completely concealed within an opaque housing and shall not be visible from any street right of way.
  • Light Source (lamp). Only incandescent, florescent, metal halide, or color corrected high-pressure sodium may be used. The same type must be used for the same or similar types of lighting on any one site or Planned Unit Development.
  • Mounting. Fixtures must be mounted in such a manner that its cone of light does not cross any property line of the site.
  • Illumination Levels. All site lighting shall be designed so that the level of illumination as measured in foot candles (fc) at any one point meets the standards in Table 16-5-108.D. Minimum and maximum levels are as measured at any one point. Average level is not to exceed value calculated using only the area of the site intended to receive illumination.

Palmetto Electric Cooperative, Inc. "An Area Lighting Program" Brochure pdf icon

For more information on Site Lighting Plans please review Appendix D: D-6.I of the LMOexternal link icon.

How to apply for a Site Lighting Permit

Online: Go to our Building & Development Citizen Access Portal and follow the prompts; OR

Contact: Shea Farrar email icon, Landscape Associate, at 843-341-4768.

Fees: There are no fees for this permit application.

Submit a site lighting plan that includes:

  • Location and mounting information for each light;
  • Illumination calculations showing light levels in foot candles at points located on a 10-foot on center grid;
  • A fixture schedule listing fixture design, type of lamp, and wattage of each fixture;
  • Manufacturer's photometric data for each type of light fixture; and

For more information on Site Lighting Standards please review Section 16-3-305 of the LMOexternal link icon.

For questions regarding this procedure, please contact the Community Development Information Center email icon at 843-341-4757.