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Planning, Development & Building ConstructionSite Development Approvals

Whether your project is part of a larger development project involving building construction, or is a stand-alone project with only site improvements, you most likely will need a site plan approval or other approval involving natural resources, signs or lighting. These are the typical steps involved in seeking approvals.

Step 1: Pre-Application Meeting

It is strongly recommended that for all projects, a FREE pre-application meeting with various Town Staff be attended. Its purpose is to inform the developer or owner of the project's consistency with the Comprehensive Plan; any development and zoning code requirements; the review procedures, timeline and developer's responsibilities; and possible required Review Board approvals. Various staff members from Building, Development Review and Zoning, Natural Resources, Urban Design, Floodplain Management, Storm Water, Traffic, Engineering, Town and State Licensing, and Fire and Rescue will review your ideas in a very conceptual way - before much time, effort or money is expended in drafting plans for the project. For more information on Pre-Application meetings...

Step 2: Project Manager Point of Contact

A Staff Project Manager (PM) will be assigned to the project as early as possible to assist the developer or owner through the process and to be the main point of contact. His or her role is to be an 'advocate' for the development in moving through review, approval and construction as seamlessly as possible. The Project Manager will resolve with other staff any issue arising during the process to keep the process as efficient as possible.

Step 3: Developer/Contractor Role

Your role is to provide the necessary items for submittal and to communicate with your Project Manager on any revisions to your plans as quickly as possible. Remember, you have the ability to keep the project moving along! A quick turnaround on revisions to plans saves you time and money!

Step 4: Application, Plan Review, and Approval

The Project Manager will determine if you need a major or minor Development Plan Review (DPR), or any other approvals including natural resources, storm water, subdivisions, development or street names, lighting standards, signs, variances, special exceptions, etc. Your PM will also advise you on the timing for any subsequent building permit.

Timing is everything!
Our goal is to contact you within 7 days of receiving your plans for any revisions necessary prior to approval. The quicker you get any revisions to your plans back to staff, the quicker you can receive your site approval!

More Information

For questions regarding site development approvals, please contact the Community Development Information Center email icon at 843-341-4757.