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Instituting, Regulating and Permitting of LP Gas Installations

Effective January 1, 2014 all Commercial and Residential LP Gas Tank and Gas Line installations installed within the Town of Hilton Head Island will require a building permit and inspection prior to covering or concealing. Tank and Gas Line installations done as part of a New Construction or Renovation permit will continue to be looked at as part of the buildings permit. Installations of tanks and lines which are not part of a construction project will require a Building Permit from this point forward.

All LP Gas Installations will be inspected for compliance with the 2012 International Fuel Gas Code, Mechanical Code, Fire Code, 2011 NFPA 58, FEMA 348 and all applicable manufacturers' installation instructions. All installations will be inspected once the work is complete prior to covering or concealing. This includes Underground LP Gas Tank installations and anchoring; underground LP Gas Lines, and all exterior and interior LP Gas Line installations. The following must be completed for each installation:


The following is a list of information required on all one line plan submittals for review of a Liquefied Petroleum Gas Systems installation in compliance referencing Chapter 24 of the IRC, IPC, IFGC, IMC and 2012 IFC and 2011 NFPA 58 whichever is applicable for the system being installed and indicating the following:

  • Location on property and tank size, capacity and number of the proposed tank(s)
  • Gas piping size for interior and exterior
  • Total BTU's for the appliance it serves
  • Gas regulators and type used
  • Anchorage design must meet FEMA regulations and foundation supporting the tank if applicable

Permit Fees

For New, Additions and Renovation construction projects; Residential and Commercial permit fees will be accessed and incorporated into the building permit.

Installations that are not part of a New Construction or Renovation/Addition project; fees are charged as follows:

  • gas storage tanks residential - $5.00
  • gas storage tanks commercial -
    • < or = to 1,000 gallons - $5.00
    • > than 1,000 gallons - $25.00

General Commercial Requirements

  • Containers shall be located in accordance with IFC 2012 Table 6104.3 and 2011 NFPA 58 Section 6.2
  • "No Smoking" signs shall be posted to prohibit smoking within 25' of containers
  • Weeds, grass, brush, trash and other combustibles shall be kept a minimum of 10" from LP gas tanks or containers
  • Tanks subject to vehicle damage shall be protected by bollards in accordance with 2012 IFC Section 312
  • Storage of cylinders awaiting use, resale or exchange shall be in accordance with 2012 IFC Section 6109 and NFPA 58 Chapter 8
  • LP Gas containers not in service shall comply with 2012 IFC Section 6110
  • Parking and garaging of LP Gas tank vehicles shall be in accordance with 2012 IFC Section 6111
  • Containers that are placed permanently out of service shall be removed from the site.


  • Installer’s Gas Certificate (from state Fire Marshal's office)
  • Underground low pressure gas piping and pressure test with a (30 lb. gauge) 10lbs for 15 minutes
  • Tank installation and anchorage
  • FEMA Tank Anchorage
  • Interior low pressure gas piping and pressure test with a 30 lb. gauge) 10lbs for 15 minutes
  • Gas appliance and installations per manufacturer
  • Natural Resources inspection
  • Final Gas Inspection

By order of the Building Official

For more information please contact the Community Development Information Center email icon at (843)341-4757.