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Planning, Development & Building ConstructionManufactured Housing

Placement Approval

You will need the Town approval in order to register the home with Beaufort County and to obtain a permit from the Town's Community Development Department.

There are FOUR different scenarios possible for manufactured home placement in the Town of Hilton Head Island:

The requirements for each scenario are different and we recognize that the process can be confusing. We have tried to streamline the information in the application packets for each of the four placement situations.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Community Development Information Center email icon at (843) 341-4757.

Wind Zone 2 Requirements

When you purchase a manufactured home, whether it is new or used, you must make certain that the home meets the Wind Zone 2 specifications. Only homes that meet the Wind Zone 2 specifications can be located (or relocated) on Hilton Head Island.

Look inside the electrical panel box in the home for the label or data sheet. This sheet has information about the home including the wind zone information. If the home is new, the dealer will provide you with certification that the home is a wind zone 2 unit.

Habitability Requirements

The State of South Carolina has established minimum habitability standards for used manufactured homes and forbids dealers or individuals from selling homes for the purpose of living, sleeping, cooking or eating therein, which do not meet the minimum standards (Section 19-425-43).

  • Sanitary facilities
  • Hot and cold water supply
  • Water heating facilities
  • Heating facilities
  • Cooking and heating equipment
  • Smoke detector
  • Windows
  • Ventilation
  • Electric service
  • Exterior walls
  • Roofs
  • Window sash
  • Interior floors, walls and ceiling and structural supports
  • Installation

The home must be installed according to manufacturer instructions. The instruction manual must be available in the unit for building department inspection. If you do not have the instructions, the home must be installed according to state requirements.

Licensed Installers

Manufactured home installers are licensed by the State of South Carolina. Check that the installer for your home has the proper license. The installer's work must be in compliance with applicable federal and state regulations. He will provide you with a "Certificate of Completion" after he has installed the home.