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Planning, Development & Building ConstructionDevelopment Review

What is a Development Review?
A Development Review is a process for proposed commercial or residential projects to ensure compliance to the Land Management Ordinance and other applicable regulations. A Development Review is reviewed only by Town staff, and is required prior to the issuance of any commercial building permit or residential approval.

Development Reviews are not applicable toone single family home on an individual lot.

Who can apply?
Anyone proposing the changes can apply. The applicant will be the point of contact for Town staff for all questions and correspondence. If the applicant is someone other than the owner of the property, notarized owner's consent to submit the project is required.

Types of Development Review

Development Review applications are categorized as:

  • Major Development Plan Review - projects involving changes to structures or density;
  • Minor Development Plan Review - site changes only- not involving structures or density; or
  • Small Residential Development Plan Review - 2-5 homes on one parcel.

When to apply?
It is strongly advised that prior to any submittal, a Pre-Application meeting for the proposed project be held with Town staff. There are no deadlines to submit a Development Review application since it is reviewed only by Town staff. A Development Review will not be approved until all other required approvals are received (such as other approvals from other Town boards, commissions, or outside agencies). The typical review time for staff once the minimum submittal requirements have been received is 10 business days for a DPR and 5 for a small residential developent review. Once the review is complete, a comment letter will be sent to the applicant that states any necessary corrections or incomplete items to the plans. Staff will contact the applicant once the application is approved.

DPR Timeline and Process

Subdivision Timeline and Process Graphic
Note: Time is measured in calendar days

Small Residential Development Review Timeline and Process

Subdivision Timeline and Process Graphic
Note: Time is measured in calendar days

How to apply for a Development Approval

Hard Copy: Complete and submit the Major Development Plan Review Applicationpdf icon, Small Residential Review Applicationpdf icon, or Minor Development Plan Review Applicationpdf icon with the required items and fees.

Your Staff Project Manager

As soon as discussions with Town staff commence, the applicant will be advised a staff project manager. The role of the project manager is to work with the applicant to assist in reaching the goals of the project and Town code. This person will be the point of contact for any questions and usher the applicant through the process from beginning to end.

What to Submit?

The application requirements vary according to the proposed plans and specific type of development. The Project Manager will advise the applicant as to the exact submittal requirements. In general the following information is required:

Applicable for all types of Development Review:

Applicable for Major and possibly for Minor DPRs:

  • Parking information
  • Tree/wetland surveys
  • Photographs of existing conditions
  • Cut sheets/photographs/plans showing proposed details
  • Landscape plan
  • Lighting plan
  • Exterior elevations(only for DPRs)
  • Storm water management plan

For questions regarding this procedure, please contact the Community Development Information Center email icon at 843-341-4757.