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Building Records

Building records for structures constructed after 1984 are available online.
  • Building Permits
  • Flood Elevation Certificates
  • Site Development Plans

How do I Search Building Records?

Properties constructed after April 2014

  1. Use our Building and Development Citizen Access Portal to search under 'Building Permits' or 'Development Approvals'.
  2. To improve results, search only the address (i.e. 1000 Gray Court).
    • For multi-family and commercial, enter the unit number with no spaces or building letters.
  3. Click on the pemit/approval number from the list of permits or approvals for the requested address to see the avialable information.

Properties constructed between 1984 and April 2014

Properties constructed prior to 1984

Request Building Records

If you are unable to locate the records you are looking for, submit a records request records for structures built after 1984.