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Lowcountry Celebration Park (Coligny Area Redevelopment Initiative)

Project Details
Status:   Under Construction   Under Construction Icon

Project Area Map

Project Description

Lowcountry Celebration Park includes: a large lawn and stage to accommodate festivals, concerts and other gatherings; a destination playground with an iconic ship playground; the Sandbox Children's Museum; walking trails and boardwalks; exercise stations; additional parking and; improved access to Beach Parking. The park is located between the Circle Center Shopping Center and the Beach Parking lot at the end of Pope Avenue.

Related CIP Project:

Coligny Area Road Improvements

On March 4, 2014 Town Council passed a resolution directing staff to engage a consultant to prepare a concept plan for the Coligny area and the Planning Commission to develop a recommendation to Town Council on the plan. On April 2, 2014 the Planning Commission convened a Public Workshop for the purpose of gathering input regarding a destination park and playground, surface parking, children's museum, streetscape improvements, roadway and intersection improvements, and pedestrian improvements. The results of the public workshop along with a list of "quick action" items were presented at a follow-up meeting on April 23, 2014.

During the summer of 2014 the Town's traffic consultant, SRS Engineering, conducted both traffic and parking counts and made recommendations for improvements in the Coligny District as well as the Pope Avenue corridor. The recommendations address enhancement of operations for vehicles and pedestrians as well as potential new roadway connections providing alternate routes and connectivity through the planning area.

Based on the public and Planning Commission input and in conjunction with the traffic and parking assessments, the consultant team prepared a Conceptual Master Plan for improvements within the Coligny District.

The Conceptual Master Plan focused on 6 primary elements.

  1. Roadway and Intersection Improvements including Nassau Street extension, Lagoon Road signalization and extension, realignment of the parking lot entrance, and the addition of a signal on South Forest Beach Drive;
  2. Surface Parking including +/- 553 permanent parking spaces in the parking lot and on-street parking which represents an increase of +/- 137 permanent usable parking spaces;
  3. the creation of a Destination Park and Playground including a central event space for passive and event use, a perimeter trail network with exercise stations and interpretive signage/experiences, a bandshell/pavilion, restroom/shelter with drop-off, and an adventure playground that is lowcountry and nature themed with separate areas for different age groups;
  4. a Children's Museum with +/- 3,500 sf indoor museum space and +/- 1,500 sf outdoor play space adjacent to dedicated parking;
  5. Streetscape Improvements on Pope Avenue and South Forest Beach Drive;
  6. and Pedestrian Improvements including new leisure trails and enhanced pedestrian crossings.

Project Objectives

Public sector investment to spur private redevelopment.

Additional Documents

Hilton Head Island - Coligny Area Park & Transportation Projects
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Projected Construction Start Date:  Spring 2019

Estimated Completion Date:  Fall 2020

Project Engineer:  Thomas & Hutton

Project Architect:  

Watson Tate Savory
Wood+Partners Inc. (Lead Consultant/Landscape Architect)

Construction Contract Awarded To:  Nix Construction

Funding Sources:  TIF

Estimated Cost of Project:  +/- $12,000,000 phase 1 construction, not including property

Project Manager:  

Chris Darnell email icon, Urban Designer, 843-341-4676

Project Updates
  • 7/28/2020 -
    • While there has been little local disruption of construction, the pandemic continues to cause multiple supply chain delays. The cumulative effect of these delays is a revised completion date of October 2, 2020.
    • The Restroom Building and parking lot will receive a walkthrough by the landscape architect, architect and engineer the first of August. Meaning these elements should be complete but will not open to the public as construction continues on the balance of the park.
    • You will notice trees continue to be installed around the park.
    • The sidewalk along Nassau is complete and will be open to the public in August.
    • Unfortunately the Hickory between the Museum and Nassau was struck by lighting and had to be removed.
    • The contractor is working to install the infrastructure for Wifi and security cameras around the park.
  • 7/20/2020 - In recognition of July as Park and Recreation Month, we're thrilled to share a sneak preview of our Adventure Playground Ship in our Lowcountry Celebration Park. The iconic ship is named for the vessel that explorer Capt. William Hilton traveled on to Hilton Head Island in 1663. He sailed the Adventure from Barbados to explore new lands and named Hilton Head Island from a headland near the entrance to Port Royal Sound. Lowcountry Celebration Park, which will open later this year, will be our newest addition. We can't think of a better time to start sharing how this park captures Island history and highlighting some of its unique and fun features.

    Our thanks to Island musician Frederick Freon for creating lyrics and musical vibes and to videographer Gustavo Rattia for capturing the Adventure Playground Ship as it was put together.

  • 5/5/2020 -
    • The park is just over half complete. The pandemic has meant delayed deliveries of materials and reduced the number of people working. Completion is scheduled for later this fall.
    • The Restroom Building and Band Pavilion are nearing completion.
    • The Sandbox Children's Museum has been dried-in. Gulfstream donated a cockpit for a display that was so big it had to be brought in before the walls were complete.
    • The Adventure Playground ship and other play equipment have been installed. The safety surface will soon be installed around this equipment.
    • Large 6 inch caliper or 18 - 20 foot tall Live Oaks will soon be planted in the playground area prior to the installation of the walks. They are being planted early to protect the concrete sidewalks from being cracked by heavy equipment.
    • Trees to be planted along Pope and around the lawn will be upgraded to 6 inch caliper or 18 - 20 foot tall to compensate for trees that were unintentionally lost during construction.
    • The irrigation system is currently being installed.
    • The walk along Nassau will soon be completed and open for public use.
    • The current critical path item is the interactive water feature in the playground. The concrete shell for this water feature should be poured in the next couple of weeks.
  • 1/27/2020 -
    • Work continues on the restroom building in a push to open it as soon as possible.
    • The additional parking at the beach parking lot is on schedule to open by St. Patrick's Day.
    • The contractor will be working on the Nassau sidewalk so that it will be open for use as soon as possible.
    • The timber frame for the Children's Museum is up.
    • Concrete footers are in place and foundations poured in the playground. The ship mast have been delivered to the site. Construction of the ship will begin the first of February. See the Facebook post of the pre-assembled ship during inspection in the factory.
    • The pavilion is the critical path item for completion of the park. The timber frame for this building is expected to go up the last part of February.
  • 11/21/2019 -
    • The lagoon is 2 feet below the designed water level.
    • Setting Sun has been installed and work continues on the boardwalks, pond pavilion and retaining wall.
    • The clearstory on the restroom building will soon be constructed.
    • Curb work on the adjacent parking area is complete with installation of the asphalt drive aisle and paver parking to follow.
    • The pavilion is the critical path item for completion of the park and the footers for that structure have been installed.
    • The ship in the playground has been pre-assembled at the factory. It will be taken apart in sections for ease of installation in February.

Project Photos & Videos