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South Island Emergency Beach Renourishment Project

Project Details
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Project Area Map

Project Description

Placement of approximately 300,000 cy of sand along about 2 miles of beach at Sea Pines

Hurricane Matthew impacted Hilton Head Island between October 7 and 9, 2016, as the Category 2/3 Hurricane traveled northward just offshore of the island on October 8, 2016. As the Town of Hilton Head Island continues to recognize that its beaches are a vital asset to its residents and the Island's economy it was determined that an emergency response to replace sand losses that occurred during the passage of Hurricane Matthew was prudent.

The South Island Emergency Beach Fill Project includes the placement of approximately 300,000 cubic yards (cy) of sand along about 12,000 ft. of Atlantic Ocean shorefront (see map below). The funding source for the Town's share of the project (expected to be 25% of the total cost of eligible work and 100% of what is ineligible) is a longstanding 2% fee imposed on overnight lodging. Assistance through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is expected to cover 75% of the cost for the eligible portion of the work. Cost of the project is approximately $3.8 million.

The process by which the South Island renourishment will be constructed is similar to the projects constructed in 1990, 1997, 2006, 2011 and 2016. The project construction is expected to last about 2 months and due to its nature, must proceed around the clock. Work will, on average, move along the shoreline at a rate of up to 500 feet per day. Only about 1,000 feet of beach access will be restricted per day.

Sand for this project will be sourced from within the limits of the already-permitted Barrett Shoals offshore borrow area. Sand will be dredged using an ocean-certified hydraulic cutter-suction pipeline dredge and pumped hydraulically through a pipeline between the borrow areas and the beach for eventual placement, grading, and shaping. The sand will be shaped into a typical beach fill construction berm configuration. Berm width is approximately 250 feet with the seaward slope having a consistent and uniform initial slope.

The purpose of the project is to replace sand lost during Hurricane Matthew and reestablish the protective stable beach and dune that existed conditions along this reach of shoreline prior to Hurricane Matthew. This work must be constructed as soon as possible as the upland areas along this portion of the island are vulnerable to additional erosion and storm impacts due to the sand losses that occurred during Hurricane Matthew. This sand, coupled with the beneficial alongshore transport of renourishment sand placed in 2016 to the north, should be sufficient to sustain this area of shoreline on the same 8 to 10 year renourishment interval as the rest of the island.

Project Objectives

Restore shoreline to its pre-Hurricane Matthew condition

Additional Documents

Our Beach is Open for Business!
The Project Area Map displays the total area addressed during the 2 month emergency renourishment project.

View information, photos and video for the completed 2016 Beach Renourishment Project

Projected Project Schedule:  Sand placement to occur Mid-August to Mid-October

Projected Construction Start Date:  No earlier than August 15, 2017

Estimated Completion Date:  Final acceptance December 15, 2017

Project Engineer:  Olsen Associates

Construction Contract Awarded To:  Marinex Construction, LLC

Funding Sources:  Beach Preservation Fee

Estimated Cost of Project:  $4,000,000

Project Manager:  

Scott Liggett email icon, Director of Public Projects & Facilities / Chief Engineer, 843-341-4776

Project Updates
  • 11/15/2017 - South Island Emergency Beach Fill Project
    The Town hereby announces the completion of the above referenced project. At about 9:30 AM on November 15, 2017 crews from Marinex Construction completed all planned sand placement activities including the extension of the project from East Beach Lagoon Drive to near Duck Hawk Road. In coming days crews will demobilize pipeline and equipment from the Island. In total, the project involved the placement of approximately 600,000 cubic yards of sand along about 3 miles of shoreline. The work was necessitated as a result of beach and dune damage caused by Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Irma. Of the total estimated $7.5 million dollar cost, as much as $1.9 million may qualify for FEMA reimbursement. Read more...
  • 9/1/2017 - South Island Emergency Beach Fill Project
    The Town hereby announces the pending completion of the southern segment of the above referenced project. Sand placement between Green Winged Teal Road and Brown Pelican Road is expected to be completed this afternoon or early this evening. This segment includes the Tower Beach access. Overnight, the project pipeline is expected to be removed from the newly constructed berm thereby restoring complete access to the beach. Sand placement activities will then commence at Green Winged Teal Road and advance northward to East Beach Lagoon Drive in coming weeks. Read more...
  • 8/18/2017 - South Island Emergency Beach Fill Project
    Within the next 3 days the Marinex Construction, Inc. cutterhead suction dredge Savannah, along with attendant tug boats, barges and support vessels are expected to arrive in local waters. The dredge will be temporarily anchored near the mouth of Calibogue Sound. The dredge will be taken off tow and made ready to commence the Town's beach renourishment project on or about August 21, 2017. Read more...
  • 8/9/2017 - South Island Emergency Beach Fill Project - Schedule Update
    The Town hereby announces the intention of our contractor, Marinex Construction to commence with mobilization activities associated with the above referenced project on August 15, 2017. Stakeholder interests should expect to see significant marine based activity in the area. Marinex is planning for a water based mobilization with equipment and pipeline both being barged in. A barge landing is expected to occur at South Beach. The contractor expects to place his submerged pipeline landing in the vicinity of Beach Marker 19 (near Green Winged Teal Street) starting on August 15. Read more...
  • 7/27/2017 - South Island Emergency Beach Fill Project - Schedule Update
    In upcoming weeks, preliminary activities associated with the South Island Emergency Beach Fill Project will commence. In particular, pre-project surveys of both the beach and our offshore borrow sites will be conducted. Both land and water based survey crews will be present and active within the project limits and offshore at the Barrett Shoal borrow site. The mobilization of equipment and requisite pipeline will take place during mid-August. The project limits extend along the beachfront from near Brown Pelican Road (Beach Marker 12) to near East Beach Lagoon Drive (Beach Marker 34) within Sea Pines. The initial project schedule indicates that the placement of sand should commence August 27, 2017, at South Beach, near the Tower Beach Club in the Sea Pines Resort. Work is expected to advance northward toward Beach Lagoon Drive. Read more...

Project Photos & Videos