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Board, Committee and Commission Membership

How are Committee Vacancies Filled?

The Personnel Committee of Town Council recruits individuals who wish to serve their community by volunteering to serve on various boards, commissions, and task forces. A file is retained of applicants for such positions from which government can draw when vacancies occur or when other new service opportunities develop. This process insures that the Town can select from the best-qualified applicants and reduces the possibility of contamination by some political process.


How does recruiting take place?

The Town periodically places public notices of openings through paid advertising. The media also helps by promoting our annual drive for applicants as part of their community public service. Individual members of Council and its official committees also look for and encourage quality candidates, all of whom go through the same screening process as other applicants.

What kinds of people are we looking for?

A few groups, such as the Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals, require special skills. But in filling the vast majority of positions, the Town simply looks for people with a desire to serve, who will contribute the time necessary, whose level and breadth of intellect is equal to the tasks, who approach problems with an open mind, and are therefore likely to be productive. Prior experience in government is helpful but not a requirement.

Board & Commission Membership Requirements

Our Town is best served by advisory groups comprised of a reasonable cross section of the community. Specifically, that includes employed people as well as retirees, appropriate minority representation, a mixture of plantation and non-plantation residents, males and females, and geographic balance.

Why should I volunteer?

Individuals serving the Town have the satisfaction of public service to their community. With this comes the pleasure of sharing experiences with interesting people of differing backgrounds aiming toward common objectives. For many it means new friends in a new community. Finally, there is the fundamental truth that we are obligated to contribute as much to society and its institutions as we have been given by those who preceded us. If you weren't raised in this tradition, break the mold and apply now.

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