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Gullah-Geechee Land & Cultural Preservation Task Force

Proposed Historic Neighborhood Preservation Overlay District


The goal of The Gullah-Geechee Land and Cultural Preservation Task Force is to identify and assist in the preservation of The Gullah-Geechee culture for the purpose of detecting and resolving issues specific to Its community, including, without limitation, heirs property, taxes and land use, economic and sustainability issues for an improved quality of life, and through on-going educational programs, workshops and seminars.

  1. Gullah-Geechee Native Islander/Heirs Property Issues
    1. Identify Gullah-Geechee Native Islander/Heirs properties and historic neighborhoods.
    2. Identify how to clear title to these properties including legal considerations.
    3. Developmental rights and impediments to development including water, sewer, road, and power services and LMO restrictions.
    4. Fairness in taxation including assessments, payment plans, and relief from penalties.
    5. Identify funding opportunities and restrictions from financial institutions.

  2. Infrastructure
    1. Continue to make infrastructure a priority for areas that are not currently served by water, sewer, paved roads, drainage, and fire hydrants.

  3. Education of Community
    1. Through local community meetings, Gullah-Geechee Native Islanders are encouraged to identify obstacles affecting development and/or economic and sustainability issues regarding their properties.
    2. Take advantage of existing resources which have experience dealing with similar issues (i.e., Center for Heirs Property, Pan-African Family Empowerment & Land Preservation Network, Inc., and Penn Center).
    3. Establish on-going regularly scheduled workshops throughout the community to apprise residents of available resources and to provide a forum for property and cultural issues.
    4. Establish the Town as a resource center for Gullah-Geechee Land & Cultural Preservation (i.e. R/UDAT, Response to the R/UDAT, and the Ward One Master Plan).
    5. Establish resources from local organizations to assist Gullah-Geechee Native Islanders with legal, property, or financial issues related to their property or culture. (i.e. Native Island Business & Community Affairs Association {NIBCAA}, Hilton Head Realtors Association, and Financial Institutions)

  4. Preservation of Gullah-Geechee Culture
    1. Identify and support existing cultural preservation organizations including their programs and resources (i.e., Mitchelville Preservation Project, Gullah Museum, NIBCAA & the Gullah Celebration, and Gullah-Geechee Consortium of Beaufort County).
    2. Identify sources of funding to sustain preservation projects.
    3. Identify funding and partnership opportunities through the County and Town.

Gullah Geechee Culture Preservation Project Report pdf icon (September 2019)