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Hurricane Matthew - Week Fifteen Highlights: January 20, 2017
Highlights for the Town of Hilton Head Island

by Town Manager, Steve Riley

  • We received a reply from FEMA regarding the last batch of private roads for which we were seeking reimbursement authorization. While several roads were approved for reimbursement eligibility, over 100 roads were rejected. Staff is reexamining each of these roads and developing additional justification in the expectation of filing an appeal by the January 24th deadline. These are mostly smaller roads, and many are dirt roads. If our appeal is unsuccessful, we will need to have a discussion about whether to clear the debris from these roads at Town cost.

  • We have received authorization from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for up to $500,000 in reimbursement for clearing storm debris in our storm water drainage system. We expect these costs to be in excess of this amount, but for storm water, we were required to first exhaust our opportunities through this program before approaching FEMA for additional reimbursement. We will now be able to begin work clearing debris in our drainage system and will start to work with FEMA to qualify as much of this work as possible for federal reimbursement.

  • Our most recent estimates of potential storm-related costs exceeds $82 million. This includes $55 million for roadside debris clearing, $8.25 million in beach-related damages, $4 million for storm water repairs, and $8.5 million in damages to parks, pathways and roads. We have not yet developed an estimate for marine debris.

  • Through January 18th there has been 1,819,898 CY's of vegetative disaster debris collected, 42,402 Hangers and 5,256 Leaners.

  • To date there has been 612,968 CY's of mulch hauled out to various locations to include a paper mill, local farm, Savannah to be shipped over-seas, Oakwood Landfill, Fire wood supply company, Lumber supply company, a hardwood sawmill and to the Port of Savannah for logs to be exported to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The contractor and town staff continue to work on identifying additional sources to accept the material.

  • 61 units are working simultaneously to pick up disaster debris in all public and private roadway areas. A lot of the crews have been reduced to single haul trucks to access confined areas.

  • FEMA has approved the following private roads for debris removal; Creek Cove Lane, Hatton Place, Evian Way, Wimbledon Court, Graham Lane and Lemon Grass Court. FEMA has also approved the following roads with a request for additional information; Arandas Way, Christopher Drive, Sassafrass Lane, Grand Drive, Cheryl's Bluff, Murray Avenue, Triggerfish Trail, Mitchelville Road and Red Tip View. Crowder Gulf will be deploying resources to these approved areas to pick up disaster related debris from the Rights-of-Way. Bucket Trucks will be deployed tomorrow to address hangers and leaners on the approved roadways and Right-of-Way debris pick up will begin once the hangers and leaners have been addressed.

  • The Town has created a Disaster Debris Collection Totals Dashboard that can be found on the Town's website under the Disaster Recovery Portal. The information is updated weekly to coincide with this report.

  • Free mulch is available from the Christmas tree grindings at both sites (Coligny Big Lot and the Old Gullah Flea Market Site) through the end of January.

  • Emergency Building Permits issued: 764

  • Regular Building Permits issued: 967