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Public Service District Updates

Broad Creek PSD - more info

Hilton Head PSD - more info

South Island PSD - more info

Broad Creek Service District

Friday, October 14, 2016 at 4:31 a.m.


According to Broad Creek Public Service District, Customers may be without water service due to breaks on their side of the meter that was turned off in an attempt to stop a leak. If your address is listed on their web site (www.bcpsd.com) they have turned your water off at the meter and you will need to call a plumber to get your service line repaired.

Friday, October 14, 2016 at 8:30 a.m.

Boil water advisory to Broad Creek PSD customers

The Broad Creek Public Service District (PSD) advises its customers to vigorously boil their water for at least one (1) full minute prior to drinking or cooking at this time. This advisory applies to all parts of the PSD's service area. This advisory is being given due to loss of water system pressure as a result of damage from Hurricane Matthew. The PSD is working tirelessly to restore the water system. We will advise customers when the advisory is no longer in effect. The PSD is not aware at this time of any contamination of the water supply. This boil water advisory is necessary due to the loss of system pressure that occurred.

Customers may be without water service due to breaks on their side of the meter that was turned off in an attempt to stop the leak. If your address is listed below we have turned your water off at the meter and you will need to call a plumber to get your service line repaired.

Here is a list of addresses that do NOT have existing water service as of 10-13-16 at 11:30pm. If an address is not listed you should be fully serviced with water and sewer. If you still do not have service and you’re not on this list please email us at http://www.bcpsd.com/contact.


  • Armada, 18
  • Brassie Court
  • Canterberry in Queens Grant
  • East Wind, 11
  • Full Sweep, 42
  • Full Sweep, 51
  • Full Sweep, 6
  • Galleon, 6
  • Galleon, 8
  • Hampton Place Irrigation
  • Haul Away, 42
  • Haul Away, 50
  • High Water, 4
  • Hunt Club, 2
  • Interlochen, 2
  • Inverness Village, Unit 962
  • Leamington Lane, 9
  • Leamington Lane, 16
  • Leamington Lane, 65
  • Mooring Buoy, 105
  • Mooring Buoy, 114
  • Mooring Buoy, 121
  • Mooring Buoy, 180
  • Mooring Buoy, 56
  • Mooring Buoy, 73
  • Niblick, 1
  • Night Harbour, 7
  • Omni Resort, Fire Line
  • Ocean Lane, 20 Unit# 489
  • PD Conference Center
  • Port Tack, 24
  • Port Tack, 59
  • Promontory Court, 18
  • Rum Row, 26
  • Sea Lane, 1B
  • Sea Lane, 39
  • South Shore Lane, 150
  • Starboard Tack, 34
  • Starboard Tack, 40
  • The Village Pool House
  • Up Wind, 2
  • Up Wind, 5
  • Water Oak Villas

Hilton Head Public Service District

Saturday, 10/15/2016 at 11:45 a.m.

According to Hilton Head Public Service District, (PSD) has repaired all known hurricane damage to its water mains. These are the mains that are the PSD’s responsibility, located in your street. We have now entered the customer-side breaks phase of recovery. Customers will now be noticing outages and breaks of the private service lines to your home. These breaks have primarily been caused by trees snagging the lines when they were uprooted by the storm. These breaks will include the tap water service line, but also the private irrigation lines that are on your property. Customers who have come home and who know they have broken lines on their side of the meter should contact qualified plumbers and get repairs made immediately.

Some customers will need PSD assistance in reestablishing their water connection because PSD technicians had to remove their meters in the immediate aftermath of the storm to stop visible/accessible leaks. PSD Customer Service will be contacting these customers directly, and they or their plumber can call 843-681-5525 to arrange to have the meter re-set.

Customers are advised that they may experience temporary outages of water service as shut-offs occur in order to repair broken customer lines.

All areas of Hilton Head Public Service District are now OK to flush and use drains while always using efficiency in their water use. Please keep irrigation systems shut off at this time.

Of course please do not flush if you are aware that your private sewer line on your property is broken.


Thank you for your continued patience and community spirit as we work to recover.

South Island Public Service District

Monday, October 17, 2016 at 7:15 a.m.

The debris removal phase of the recovery is causing additional damage to the District’s infrastructure, such as fire hydrants, manhole covers and collars, control panels and water meters. Debris is being piled on top of our main water valves preventing the District from performing necessary repairs to water lines. Please urge all debris contractors to exercise more caution. They need to carefully survey the area they are clearing to prevent further damage from occurring.

Water System:

The entire water system is operating at full capacity. All water mains leaks have been repaired and are fully functional. Water pressure is within our normal operating range.

Broken water lines on private property. The service line from the water meter, on your property, is the owner's responsibility to repair. Customers who have broken water lines and sewer laterals on their (property) side of the meter should go ahead and contact a qualified plumber to make repairs.

Sewage Collection System:

All pump stations are functional, even though some of the pump stations are being operated by auxiliary equipment. There are still some power issues and damage to control panels. Several pump stations have emergency generators and bypass pumps being utilized to move the sewage along to the wastewater treatment plant. We are working to remediate those issues.

Wastewater Treatment Plant:

The wastewater treatment plant continues to be operating at full capacity.

Reclaimed Water System:

The reclaimed water system is back on line and providing irrigation water to 7.5 golf courses and approximately 120 commercial irrigation customers.

Other Items:

We have also contracted with an international engineering firm, CH2M, to assist us with damage assessment and recovery procedures. They are here and helping us to recover.

Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I have a broken water line but there's a tree on my water meter. It is the customers' responsibility to get the tree removed so we can gain access to our infrastructure.

  2. Where can I find the most up to date information? Visit our website; Southislandpsd.com and click the hurricane Matthew button.

If anyone should need to report problems with the water and sewer system, please call our administrative office at 843-785-6224.

The water and sewer system is now functional.

We are still evaluating damage to the infrastructure and are continuing to work our recovery plan. The District appreciates everyone's patience, perseverance and support.

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