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Disaster Debris Removal

Disaster Debris Right of Way Collection - Notice of Final Pass
Disposal Options: Waste Hauling Service Providers

Hurricane Matthew Debris Final Pass Status Map

For more than a decade, the Town has had a debris management plan to help guide the Town's debris operations during our response and recovery efforts after a natural disaster. The Town has established, pre-event contracts with Crowder Gulf to remove, reduce, and dispose of disaster generated debris and with Tetra Tech to help monitor the debris operations. Push crews were pre-staged in Bluffton the night of the storm and have been working since Saturday morning.

Upon re-entry after the storm, our first priority was to clear debris from the roads for emergency personnel (fire/rescue and police) and to provide access to critical sites such as the hospital, government facilities, and utilities to get them back in operation. We have almost completed that effort on a priority basis, from major thoroughfares to the local roads. Although the majority of the streets on the island are maintained by others, the Town has agreements with the county, state and several of the private road owners to allow our contractors access to remove disaster generated debris.

Residents should not expect their roadside debris to be collected all at once. However, collection efforts will continue until it is determined that all storm-related debris has been satisfactorily removed.

  • The Town will initially pick up qualifying disaster-related residential storm debris placed along the edge of the road on all publicly-maintained roads. Following this initial response, debris on private streets will be addressed. Commercial properties shall be responsible to address their own debris.

Waste Hauling Service Providers

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