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Town of Hilton Head Island Emergency Twitter Service

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What is Twitter?

Twitter is a free real-time short messaging service that allows users to send text based updates (otherwise known as tweets), to subscribers/followers.  Messages, which must be under 140 characters in length, can be sent and received via mobile texting, instant message, e-mail, or the internet. 

Why is the Town of Hilton Head Island using Twitter?

Because of the variety of devices Twitter can reach, we believe it will be a valuable addition to our other public information tools.  Twitter will be used in conjunction with our existing website (www.hiltonheadislandsc.gov) and Citizen Hotline (1-800-963-5023) to provide emergency information. In some cases, as Twitter messages must be short, it may simply be used to alert citizens that these other resources have been updated with information too extensive for Twitter’s format.

During an emergency, the Town of Hilton Head Island will only utilize the HHIEmergency Twitter account during an emergency or disaster, particularly in an evacuation or during the recovery from an event which has caused significant damage.

During normal operation the Twitter account will be used to provide general, preparedness, and critical weather related information. We strive to provide you with pertinent information and not overload you numerous "Tweets".

The Town encourages residents to sign-up for the HHIEmergency Twitter account and link it to their cell phone so that the messages will be received in a timely manner (standard text messaging rates will apply).  The Town of Hilton Head Island commits to only sending messages that will be beneficial and important prior to, during, and in the aftermath of an urgent/emergency situation.

Please note:  The HHIEmergency twitter account will be for informational purposes only.  The Town of Hilton Head Island will not respond to any "tweets" to this account nor monitor it for postings.

How do I follow Hilton Head Island Emergency on Twitter?

Visit our Emergency Twitter site at http://twitter.com/HHIEmergency.  If you do not have a Twitter Account, please click on the "Join today!" button and create an account.  Log onto your twitter account and click on the "Follow" button underneath the Town Seal.  You can set your preferences to receive alerts via Twitter's website, SMS messages to your cell phone (your phone carrier’s charges will apply), or email.


Twitter is free service, and as such is susceptible to the interruptions and outages inherent in using any internet based program.  The HHIEmergency Twitter service is being offered as a convenience to the public and the Town cannot guarantee it will be available or functional at all times. 

Participation in the HHIEmergency Twitter service is voluntary.  Participants are responsible for registering with Twitter and updating their contact information as necessary.

Individuals are encouraged to research the details of their cell phone contract with regards to the cost of text messaging – standard text messaging rates will apply if you choose to receive the emergency tweets through text messaging on your cell phone.

The HHIEmergency Twitter service will be activated only in an emergency.  This Twitter account will be for informational purposes only.  The Town will not respond to any replies or "tweets".

Sign-up for our Emergency Alert E-Subscription Service

Town of Hilton Head Island Social Media Public Use Policy