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Chaplin Linear Park Project

The Chaplin Linear Park is an exciting opportunity for Hilton Head Island residents and guests to experience a variety of the Island's environmental assets. This park will connect the proposed Shelter Cove Waterfront Park on Broad Creek to Collier Beach Park on the Atlantic Ocean. Through an integrated system of boardwalks, observation piers & platforms, pedestrian bridges, waterfront promenades, and multi-purpose trails, users will experience the natural environment including the creek, marsh, maritime forest, folly, beach, and ocean.

The idea of a linear park in the Chaplin area has been discussed for several years. The Chaplin Initiative Area Plan, adopted in April 2002, recommended "Pedestrian Improvements" in the area with a focus along Broad Creek. Since 2002 the Town has taken several steps to facilitate the advancement of the linear park. First, the Town has acquired additional properties along the proposed linear park route. Second, current plans to redevelop the Mall at Shelter Cove provide an excellent opportunity to leverage public and private investment and create an anchor on one end of the linear park. Third, Staff has been working to address stakeholders concerns in the Collier Beach Park area and has included a revised approach in the recommended Concept Plan which reduces the intensity the Town could develop under a current SCDHEC permit for area improvements. Finally, the Town has TIF revenue that can be used to fund a portion of the Linear Park.

The proposed plan for this park focuses on the basic improvements necessary to complete the link from the proposed Shelter Cove Waterfront Park at the Mall redevelopment site to the proposed Collier Beach Park. Additionally these plans would move some of the permitted improvements in the Collier Beach Park across the Folly to other Town land to reduce the impact on Collier Beach. The features proposed for the Chaplin Linear Park are:

  • Gateway Features
    Utilize Shelter Cove Waterfront Park, proposed along Broad Creek, as one anchor for the Chaplin Linear Park. Utilize the Chaplin and Collier Beach Park area as another anchor located at the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Linear Trail
    Construct a linear park trail connecting the Shelter Cove area with Collier Beach Park through an integrated system of pathways, boardwalks, trails, sidewalks and at-grade pedestrian crossings. Boardwalks and trails are recommended to connect across the inlet along the creek side of the Old Cracker Barrel site and to provide access to and across the Folly area providing an education tool for creek, marsh and folly environments.
  • Collier Beach Park Upgrades
    Install improvements at the existing Collier Beach Park to include handicapped parking, turn around, restroom and changing facilities, a staging area for beach renourishment projects, and a new dune crossover. These recommended improvements are an overall reduction to what is currently approved and permitted.
  • Chaplin Park Upgrades
    • Parking - Install new parking area at the most upland area in the southeastern portion of the property. This area will provide parking capacity and access to serve the Linear Park, Collier Beach Park and Chaplin Park. This reduces the need to provide parking at the Collier Beach Park location, with the exception of handicapped parking. Upgrade Castnet Drive to include on-street parking where appropriate.
    • Signage - Install enhanced signage to direct traffic to new parking areas, alert travelers that Collier Beach Park has only handicap parking, and to direct traffic to the signalized intersection on Singleton Beach Road for turning south on William Hilton Parkway.
    • Pathways - Complete pathway connections through Chaplin Park to provide uninterrupted access from William Hilton Parkway to the southeast portion of the Park.
  • Pedestrian Enhancements/Crossings
    Enhance pedestrian movements and experience along the Linear Park through at-grade improvements at the Singleton Beach Road signalized intersection via enhanced delineation, signage and treatments.
  • Enhanced Parking
    Install a parking area on Town property to the south of the old Cracker Barrel site. This would increase parking capacity and public access for the Linear Park and help to serve the newly established Hilton Head Island Law Enforcement Center and SHARE facility and may be used to augment parking demands for the redeveloped Cracker Barrel site.
  • Signage
    Install special way-finding and signage treatments to enhance character and provide easy navigation through the Park and its amenities and attractions.

In August 2012, Town Council authorized staff to move forward with design, permitting, and construction for the Chaplin Linear Park based on the revised Concept Plan. A design charette with local designers was held in October 2012 for the purpose of focusing on one feature element of the Chaplin Linear Park - a pedestrian bridge crossing at Broad Creek. The Town has solicited responses from qualified professional design firms (architectural, engineering, landscape architectural) to provide design services for the park and is in the process of interviewing and selecting a design team. Please check back for project updates.