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Town Council 2017 Key Priorities Dashboard

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Key Priorities


Description:  Develop a comprehensive, long-range Vision for Hilton Head Island to 1) to protect and enhance our quality of life; 2) to coalesce the needs and desires of residents, visitors, and business owners; and 3) to create a vision statement and long range plan which defines the program of work.

Proposed Action:  Visioning for the Island’s future will be a major initiative for 2017. Under the leadership of the Town Council, with assistance from Town staff, a professional consultant, and augmented by the Vision Project Management Team, the community will embark upon an engaging initiative of planning for our Island’s future, which shall include the development of a vision statement and a detailed action plan with implementation strategies by year-end.
7/17/2017 - The visioning initiative, called Hilton Head Island - Our Future, will create an inclusive vision and roadmap for the community. In the summer of 2017, the project launched a program website (http://lab.future-iq.com/hhiourfuture/) to host all of the information and reports from the project, and a Community Survey to solicit input from the community. In June 2017, Our Future hosted the first in-person engagement event with a 'Think Tank' attended by 150 citizens who participated in scenario building exercises. These exercises will provide the basis for broad community engagement and discussions, including 20-30 public workshops, which will take place through September 2017.
2/7/2017 - Town Council authorized the creation of the Vision Project Management Team(VPMT) on February 7th. The VPMT will direct and oversee the efforts and work involved in the Vision Project. It will assure that the process is open, transparent, and achieve the articulated goals. And, it will define the project’s guiding principles and drive and facilitate change. An updated project schedule, recommended by the Public Planning Committee to Town Council, outlines having all pieces in place, including a project coordinator by early April. A project kick-off is anticipated for late April with a goal of completing the project by the end of the year.

Heirs Property

Description:  Investigate means to assist owners of heirs property with their issues related to property ownership.

Proposed Action:  In 2017 the Planning Commission will engage a non-profit that has extensive experience in the area of heirs’ property. The non-profit will educate property owners on issues related to heirs’ property and how to work thorough these issues. Based on input received during these education sessions, the Town staff and the Planning Commission will develop a scope of work to hire a consultant to review the Land Management Ordinance. The consultant’s work product will be recommended LMO changes to address concerns related to heirs’ property. It is anticipated the consultant will draw heavily upon work that have been done in other communities related to these issues.
7/17/2017 - On June 20, 2017, Town Council approved the formation the Gullah-Geechee Land and Cultural Preservation Task Force as an ad hoc committee of the Planning Commission. The purpose is to address concerns with heirs property and other relevant issues as identified by the Task Force. They held their first meeting on July 17, 2017 to begin discussion on their scope of work.


Proposed Action:  Our Town depends upon satisfactory regional solutions to many critical issues. In 2017, the Intergovernmental & Public Safety Committee will work collectively with elected officials and administrators from neighboring municipalities, Beaufort County and the State of South Carolina to identify, define and pursue agreed upon goals and objectives. Prioritized, proposed goals and objectives shall be recommended to Town Council by March 31, 2017.
7/13/2017 - The Intergovernmental & Public Safety Committee held a public meeting with several county municipal elected officials and reviewed a host of potential regional issues.


Proposed Action:  The Storm Water Plan from the County, including the fee arrangement/ schedule will be considered by the Town Council. Staff will review the report recently submitted by the Telecommunication Task Force and provide recommendations for Town Council consideration by year end. A Plan for the scheduling of private road improvements will have been accepted and adopted by Town Council on or before December 31, 2017. Staff has reviewed the Telecommunication Task Force’s Report and will provide its recommendations to Town Council soon.

Culture and Arts Advisory Committee

Description:  Town Council has budgeted for the hire of a Cultural and Arts Network Director.The Director will be a town employee and council will soon determine whether to create a public advisory board the Director shall work with.

The Venue Committee will make a recommendation on the structure and funding for venue(s) which satisfy the needs of the community and the entertainment, arts, culture, and heritage organizations of the island.

Proposed Action:  The entertainment, arts, culture and heritage assets of the town will be elevated in 2017 by the formation of a new town citizen Culture and Arts Advisory committee and a full-time town staff position of a Culture and Arts Network Director. Their work will be supplemented by the on-going efforts of the Venue Committee who will make recommendations regarding potential future community culture and arts venue opportunities.
7/14/2017 - Town Council approved the Phase One: Needs Assessment Recommendations brought forward by the Venue Committee. The Town is working toward implementation of Phase Two of the Venue initiative, which at this point is focused on defining a Community Arts Center concept and business model.
6/22/2017 - The Town of Hilton Head Island today announced Jennifer McEwen as its new Culture and Arts Network Director. The Director begins work August 1st.
6/15/2017 - The Town hired Webb Management Services to assist the Venue Committee in making their recommendations. Phase One of the study was a needs assessment for the Entertainment, Arts, Culture, and Heritage (EACH) organizations of the island. The recommendations from Phase One were presented by the consultant on March 23rd. The Venue Committee took those recommendations and their research to formulate recommendations to Town Council. Town Council accepted those recommendations on June 6th.
1/26/2017 - A job description for the Cultural and Arts Network Director is nearly complete and advertising for the position will begin soon. The Community Services Committee met and has reported a recommendation to town council that town council create an Advisory Committee via ordinance. The advisory committee would consist of 8-12 persons from various aspects of the community primarily representing entertainment, arts, cultural, and heritage segments. The advisory committee would act as an advisory capacity to the Cultural and Arts Network Director.

Workforce Availability

Description:  Investigate tools and potential Town actions that could improve the labor force supply for businesses in Hilton Head Island.

Proposed Action: 

Housing: Acknowledging that workforce availability continues to be an increasing problem for the Island, in 2017 the Public Planning Committee will form a task force that will thoroughly study this issue and make recommendations to Town Council regarding viable solutions prior to year-end.

Transportation: Town Staff and the Public Planning Committee will work with the Low Country Transportation Authority (LRTA) to develop a plan by the end of 2017 to implement three public transportation services. These are: 1) a service to meet the commuting needs of Hilton Head employees that live off-island, 2) a service to offer Coligny beach users with remote parking and a transportation alternative to their personal vehicles, and 3) an inter-island shuttle between Shelter Cove and the Coligny area. It is anticipated that this plan will identify one of these services that will begin by May 2018.

7/18/2017 - Transportation: LRTA is moving forward with a grant application to establish their first phase of an on-island shuttle system.
7/18/2017 - Housing: The Town Council's Public Planning Committee will hold a discussion on the topic of workforce housing at their July 27th meeting.