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Budget in Brief

How is the Money Spent?

Expenditures by Function

The Town budget expenditures by function and department/projects.

Function Departments/Projects
General Government
Town Council and Town Manager
Administration/Legal, Administrative Services, Finance, and Human Resources
Community Services
Community Development and Public Projects & Facilities
Public Safety
Fire Rescue, Police, and Other Public Safety
Town-wide, General Fund Capital Outlay
Capital Projects
Roadway Improvements, Pathways, Park Development, Existing Facilities & Infrastructure, Land Acquisition, Beach Maintenance, and New Facilites & Infrastructure
Debt Service

Expenditures by Type

Expenditures are also classified by type, i.e. Personnel, Operating, Capital Outlay, and Debt Service. The chart below summarizes expenditures by type.

Town of Hilton Head Island Expenditures by Type, $102,626,393
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Department FY 2016
FY 2017
Adopted Budget
General Fund:
  Town Council
  Town Manager
  Management Services
  Community Development
  Public Projects & Facilities
  Fire Rescue
  Police/Other Public Safety
Capital Projects Fund
Debt Service Fund

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