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Budget in Brief

Fiscal Year 2016/2017 Budget Plan

The Town of Hilton Head Island serves a full-time residential population recently exceeding 40,000 as well as 2.65 million visitors annually. Our service delivery systems are designed to accommodate a daily population nearly three times the size of the permanent population.

This adopted budget assumes a prudent and realistic revenue posture which allocates the Town's financial resources to achieve the Town Council's Adopted Policy, Management, and CIP Agendas for 2017. The total millage rate for the General Fund, Debt Service Fund, and Capital Projects Fund will remain at 22.18. The Town's expected collected value per mil for fiscal year 2017 is $853,448 compared to the prior year's $851,848.

The Capital Projects Fund (Capital Improvements Program [CIP]) is programmed at $49,440,250 for fiscal year 2017. The largest components of new funds include USCB $18.9 million, Coligny/Pope Avenue Initiative $11.35 million, roadway improvements $8.2 million, Rec. Center Expansion an additional $5.0 million and other projects. Also, the Town will roll significant funds from the old to new fiscal year to supplement the aforementioned projects and to perform beach renourishment.

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