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Attention Tent and Stage Contractors

Effective immediately, the following additional information will have to be submitted for plan review of stages with canopies as required by the 2015 international fire code.

3105.5 Required documents.

The following documents shall be submitted to the fire code official and the building official for review before a permit is approved:

  1. Construction documents: Construction documents shall be prepared in accordance with the International Building Code by a registered design professional.

    Construction documents shall include:

    1.1. A summary sheet showing the building code used, design criteria, loads and support reactions.

    1.2. Detailed construction and installation drawings.

    1.3. Design calculations.

    1.4. Operating limits of the structure explicitly outlined by the registered design professional including environmental conditions and physical forces.

    1.5. Effects of additive elements such as video walls, supported scenery, audio equipment, vertical and horizontal coverings.

    1.6. Means for adequate stability including specific requirements for guying and Cross-bracing, ground anchors or ballast for different ground conditions.

  2. Designation of responsible party: The owner of the temporary stage canopy shall designate in writing a person to have responsibility for the temporary stage canopy on the site. The designated person shall have sufficient knowledge of the construction documents, manufacturer's recommendations and operations plan to make judgments regarding the structure’s safety and to coordinate with the fire code official.

  3. Operations plan: The operations plan shall reflect manufacturer’s operational guidelines, procedures for environmental monitoring and actions to be taken under specified conditions consistent with the construction documents.

    3105.6 Inspections.
    Inspections shall comply with Section 106 and Sections 3105.6.1 and 3105.6.2.

    3105.6.1 Independent inspector.

    The owner of a temporary stage canopy shall employ a qualified, independent approved agency or individual to inspect the installation of a temporary stage canopy.

    3105.6.2 Inspection report.

    The inspecting agency or individual shall furnish an inspection report to the fire code official. The inspection report shall indicate that the temporary stage canopy was inspected and was or was not installed in accordance with the approved construction documents. Discrepancies shall be brought to the immediate attention of the installer for correction. Where any discrepancy is not corrected, it shall be brought to the attention of the fire code official and the designated responsible party.

    3105.7 Means of egress.

    The means of egress for temporary stage canopies shall comply with Chapter 10.

    3105.8 Location.

    Temporary stage canopies shall be located a distance from property lines and buildings to accommodate distances indicated in the construction drawings for guy wires, cross-bracing, ground anchors or ballast. Location shall not interfere with egress from a building or encroach on fire apparatus access roads.

Effective immediately, all inspections for tents and stages will have to be scheduled by end of business the Friday before a weekend event.

If the inspection fails or is not ready then a third party inspector will be required to inspect the tent or stage before it is used for the event (a third party inspector is required for stage canopies regardless of when it is erected).

A copy of the inspection report must be submitted to the building and fire inspection divisions the next business day. Failure to submit a report or to use the tent or stage without an inspection approval will result in a citation from the building or fire inspection divisions.

Chris Yates, Building Official - 843-341-4664
Joheida Fister, Fire Marshal - 843-682-5140