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Building and Site Development Permits

Obtain Simple Single Family Residential Building Permits Online

Simple one and two family residential permits are available online. Simple permits are those which do not require building plans review or approval from the Planning Division.  Online permits are for single family work only.  Permits such as re-roofing, re-plumbing, and HVAC change outs for online permitting.

To obtain permits online, you must be a licensed contractor registered with the Community Development Department. Please call our office at (843)341-4757 to register.

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Researching Building and Site Development Permits

The Town offers a Permit Manager Program that allows the general public to research permits and other activities online. Building Permits, Development Plan Reviews, Subdivision Reviews and Variance Request information may be researched by address online for activities initiated after late 1998. If you have questions regarding earlier permits, please contact the Community Development Information Center email icon at (843)341-4757.

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Applying for a Building Permit

To apply for a building permit, you must complete an application and all pertinent forms. For permits requiring plans, your application must be accompanied by 3 sets of construction plans or drawings and 4 sets of site plans. Fees are payable upon application.

When the permit is issued, you will be given a list of required inspection item numbers, a stamped set of the approved plans and your building permit card. The building permit card must be posted on the job site at all times in a visible and readily accessible location. The approved marked plans are required at the job site for inspection of the construction. A copy of the job site plans will remain in the Community Development Department.

The permit expires if work authorized is not commenced within six months of the date of issue or if work is abandoned or suspended for a period of 6 months. If you require an extension for a building permit, you may submit your request in writing indicating the reason for the delay in completion of the project. Keep in mind that a structure cannot be occupied until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued or a final inspection is approved.

Building Permit Application

Frequently Asked Questions

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