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Town Council 2016 Key Priorities

Fall 2015 Town Council held a 2 1/2 day workshop to develop key priorities for the upcoming year for council.

  1. Arts and Cultural Planning:
    Consider the Final Report from the Task Force, scheduled for either late 2015 or early 2016. Notable item includes the Town providing funding for hiring full-time staff to oversee Arts and Cultural planning within the community.
    Arts & Cultural Strategic Planning Committee
    Venue Committee

  2. Sewer:
    Move forward with the 5 year plan as presented and the existing policy of sewer for those who want it. Continue partnership with the Hilton Head Public Service District; which shall continue to acquire easements through donations. In the future, it may become necessary to revisit the voluntary nature of the program.
    Sewer Service Projects

  3. Circle to Circle:
    The Task Force has engaged the services of a Traffic Engineering firm.
    Circle to Circle Committee

  4. Economic Development:
    The Hilton Head Island Economic Development Corporation will present additional information for the Town Council to consider regarding the four tools needed to achieve economic development goals: 1) Real Estate Solutions; 2) Business License/Fee Incentive Program; 3) Broadband Program for HHI Businesses; and 4) Funding for Economic Development Programs.

  5. Visioning:
    A Request for Proposal (RFP) will be issued to engage the services of a consulting firm to coordinate the Visioning process in 2016. Items of particular concern to the Mayor and Town Council to be incorporated into the process include: A) Composition of the Task Force; and B) Community outreach methods to solicit public input from the various population segments in the community.

Topics Discussed that Pertain to Priorities for 2016

  1. Arts Center Building: By 3/31/16, a report by the Town Council Finance and Administrative Committee will be presented to the entire Town Council for consideration on potential next steps.

  2. Affordable Housing and Living Wage: A Task Force and Council Subcommittee will examine these topics.

  3. Educational System: A meeting will be scheduled with the Superintendent of Schools to explore Town-School programs.

  4. Environmental: Continue to monitor and report on waste haulers regarding recycling participation numbers.

  5. Public Outreach: Continue to pursue practices consistent with a "Best in Class" approach.

  6. Quality of Life: Finance and Administrative Committee will be reviewing contract with Island Recreation Center, which is to be considered for renewal in 2016. Topics to consider besides finances will be potential expansion of the Center facility and the availability of services and programs.