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Circle to Circle Committee


The Circle to Circle Committee was dissolved on August 16, 2016.

On February 17, 2015 Town Council created the Circle to Circle Committee under the oversight of the Planning Commission to develop a vision, incorporating community input, for the future of the Coligny Circle to Sea Pines Circle over the next 20 years. The Committee will review existing conditions and potential growth to identify challenges that are to be addressed through the development of a Circle to Circle Area Plan by the Committee, which will complete the work of the Committee. Under Section 2-5-60 of the Town of Hilton Head Island Municipal Code, Town Council is authorized to create temporary committees to assist with particular tasks or efforts.

Circle to Circle Committee Final Report pdf icon 41 MB

Role of the Circle to Circle Committee

The Committee was formed by Town Council and directed to develop a master plan for the area from Coligny Circle through Sea Pines Circle and on to the location of Grayco Hardware on Palmetto Bay Road. The Committee's charter includes developing a vision for the area, projecting future development, and making recommendations to address infrastructure requirements.

While the scope of the Committee's charter is broad, there are some Town Council decisions that are beyond the scope of the Committee. These include the decision to redevelop Town land near Coligny Circle, and the decision to build a USCB Campus on Office Park Road. However, the impact of this redevelopment activity on traffic and parking along with other growth in the area will be reviewed by the Committee.

Purpose of the Area Master Plan

An area vision/master plan is intended to articulate how the community sees itself in the future, and how it expresses the character and values of the community. It should identify actions that the Town must take to encourage reaching that vision, and obstacles that must be overcome. The Town's role is to enable that vision through appropriate regulations and public investment so that private development is stimulated and occurs in line with the vision.

Island Values and Island Character

Hilton Head Island has been successful for many years thanks to its focus on natural resources and understated development. It is important for the future of the island that we continue to follow these values:

  • Living in Harmony with Nature, Protecting the Natural Beauty, and Creating a Unique Sense of Place
  • Sustaining community prosperity through a diversified, strong local economy based upon resort, retirement, and non-hospitality businesses
  • Providing meaningful experiences that cherish our history, the arts, cultural diversity, and enrich the lives of our residents and guests
  • Striving for excellence in everything we plan, build, do and maintain
  • Providing a serene, safe, and healthy living environment for residents, guests and visitors
  • Working together and volunteering for the greater good of the Hilton Head Island community

Changing World

While residents and guests alike value the Hilton Head Island style and ambiance, their wants and needs change over time in relation to the island’s maturity, economic conditions, and interests of visiting tourists. For example:

  • Tourism which slumped during the recent recession is currently at or near pre-recession levels and growing. The Chamber of Commerce indicates that 2.6 million people visited HHI in 2014. YTD 2015 tourism is 9.8% above last year
  • Traffic and parking challenges are increasing due to growing tourism and businesses in Coligny/Sea Pines Circle area
  • As the Bluffton area continues to grow, will there be an increasing demand for day trips to visit the beach?

Circle to Circle Committee Final Reportpdf icon

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